Esquimalt-Royal Roads

Esquimalt-Royal Roads
British Columbia electoral district
Provincial electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

Maurine Karagianis
New Democratic

District created 2008
First contested 2009
Population (2006) 47,961
Area (km²) 68.16
Pop. density (per km²) 703.7
Census divisions Capital Regional District
Census subdivisions Esquimalt, Colwood, Victoria, View Royal

Esquimalt-Royal Roads is a provincial electoral district in British Columbia, Canada established by the Electoral Districts Act, 2008. It was first contested in the 2009 election in which New Democrat, Maurine Karagianis was elected MLA.

The district includes communities that surround Esquimalt Harbour, including Esquimalt to the east and Colwood to the west. The "Royal Roads" in the district's name references the maritime passage that connects the Harbour to the sea and is the namesake of Royal Roads Military College.

Electoral history

British Columbia general election, 2013
Party Candidate Votes%
New DemocraticMaurine Karagianis 10,963 48.20
LiberalChris Ricketts 6,511 28.63
Green Susan Christina Low 4,928 21.67
Independent Jushua Steffler 343 1.51
British Columbia general election, 2009
Party Candidate Votes%
New DemocraticMaurine Karagianis 11,514 52.92%
LiberalCarl Ratsoy 6,579 30.24%
GreenJane Sterk 3,664 16.84%

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