European Amateur

The European Amateur Championship is an annual amateur golf tournament. It is played at various locations throughout Europe. It is organized by the European Golf Association and was first played in 1986. The winner receives an invitation to The Open Championship provided he maintains his amateur status prior to The Open. It is one of the "Elite" tournaments recognized by the World Amateur Golf Ranking.


2016 Luca Cianchetti  Italy
2015 Stefano Mazzoli  Italy
2014 Ashley Chesters  England
2013 Ashley Chesters  England
2012 Rhys Pugh  Wales
2011 Manuel Trappel  Austria
2010 Lucas Bjerregaard  Denmark
2009 Victor Dubuisson  France
2008 Stephan Gross  Germany
2007 Benjamin Hebert  France
2006 Rory McIlroy  Northern Ireland
2005 Marius Thorp  Norway
2004 Matthew Richardson  England
2003 Brian McElhinney  Ireland
2002 Raphaël Pellicioli  France
2001 Stephen Browne  Ireland
2000 Carl Pettersson  Sweden
1999 Grégory Havret  France
1998 Paddy Gribben  Ireland
1997 Didier de Vooght  Belgium
1996 Daniel Olsson  Sweden
1995 Sergio García  Spain
1994 Stephen Gallacher  Scotland
1993 Morten Backhausen  Denmark
1992 Massimo Scarpa  Italy
1991 Jim Payne  England
1990 Klas Eriksson  Sweden
1989 No tournament
1988 David Ecob  Australia
1987 No tournament
1986 Anders Haglund  Sweden

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