Football West

Football West
Formation 2004
Headquarters Perth
Region served
Western Australia, Australia
James Curtis
Parent organisation

Football West is the state governing body for association football (soccer) in Western Australia (WA).[1] It is affiliated with the Football Federation Australia (FFA), the sport's national governing body, and through FFA's affiliation to FIFA. Football West's premier competition is the National Premier Leagues (NPL) WA, which is the highest league in WA and one tier below the national A-League.[2][3] NPL WA is a division within the National Premier Leagues. Football West is also responsible for running Western Australia's National Training Centre in conjunction with FFA and the Department of Sport and Recreation (DRS) of WA. Football West also run the Football West State Cup knock-out cup. Since 2014 the two State Cup finalists also qualify for the FFA Cup.

The current board members (directors) of Football West are Liam Twigger (Chairman), Henery Atturo (Deputy Chairman), Gary Adshead, Lui Giuliani, Jason Petkovic, Janette Spencer, Sherif Andrawes, Anna Liscia and Rob Mackay.[4] The current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Peter Hugg.[5]


Football West was established in July 2004 to represent the all levels of competition and the game of football in Perth metropolitan and regional Western Australia. The body was formed following a period of national and state review and reform, that was led by Federal and State Governments and facilitated by the DRS (WA) with the objective of creating a unified State football body representative.[6]

In 2014 Football West invested more than $45,000 in subsidising coaching courses to promote coach education programs in the NPL.[7]

In October 2016, Football West endorsed a business case for a $45 million investment in a State Football Centre to be built in Ashfield. [8]

The 2014 season number of registered participants in Western Australia was 40,615, which was an 11% increase over two years (2013 had 38,355 registered and 2012 had 36,499 registered). The number of teams also increased to 2,013 in 2014.[7]


The objectives of Football West are:[9]

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