Mizuno Open

Mizuno Open
Tournament information
Location Kasaoka, Okayama
Established 1971
Course(s) JFE Setonaikai Golf Club
Par 72
Length 7,415 yards (6,780 m)
Tour(s) Japan Golf Tour
Format Stroke play
Prize fund ¥100 million
Month played May
Current champion
South Korea Kim Kyung-tae

The Mizuno Open (ミズノオープン Mizuno ōpun) is a golf tournament played in Japan since 1971. It has been a Japan Golf Tour event since 1979. Beginning in 1998, the top four finishers in the Mizuno Open that were not already exempt into The Open Championship received exemptions. There is also a mini-money list of events up to and including the Mizuno Open that earns two exemptions to The Open. This is why the event has been called Gateway to the Open (全英への道 Zen'ei eno michi) since then. It was played at the Setonaikai Golf Club in Okayama from 1998 to 2006 and also from 2011 to 2014 and at the Tokinodai Country Club in Ishikawa from at least 1985 to 1997. The purse for the 2015 event was ¥100,000,000, with ¥20,000,000 going to the winner.

From 2007 to 2010 The Mizuno Open merged with the Yomiuri Open to form the Gateway to the Open Mizuno Open Yomiuri Classic. It was played at the Yomiuri Country Club in Nishinomiya, Hyōgo.


Year Winner Country
Gateway to the Open Mizuno Open
2016 Kim Kyung-tae  South Korea
2015 Taichi Teshima  Japan
2014 Jang Dong-kyu  South Korea
2013 Brendan Jones  Australia
2012 Brad Kennedy  Australia
2011 Hwang Jung-gon  South Korea
Gateway to the Open Mizuno Open Yomiuri Classic
2010 Shunsuke Sonoda  Japan
2009 Ryo Ishikawa  Japan
2008 Prayad Marksaeng  Thailand
2007 Lee Dong-hwan  South Korea
Gateway to the Open Mizuno Open
2006 SK Ho  South Korea
2005 Chris Campbell  Australia
2004 Brendan Jones  Australia
2003 Todd Hamilton  United States
2002 Dean Wilson  United States
2001 Hidemichi Tanaka  Japan
2000 Yasuharu Imano  Japan
1999 Eduardo Herrera  Colombia
1998 Brandt Jobe  United States
Mizuno Open
1997 Brian Watts  Canada
1996 Yoshinori Kaneko  Japan
1995 Brian Watts  Canada
1994 Brian Watts  Canada
1993 Seiki Okuda  Japan
1992 Tōru Nakamura  Japan
1991 Roger Mackay  Australia
1990 Brian Jones  Australia
1989 Akiyoshi Ohmachi  Japan
1988 Yoshimi Niizeki  Japan
1987 David Ishii  United States
1986 Tsuneyuki Nakajima  Japan
1985 Tateo Ozaki and
Katsunari Takahashi (tie)
1984 Kikuo Arai  Japan
1983 Eitaro Deguchi  Japan
1982 Teruo Sugihara  Japan
1981 Kikuo Arai  Japan
1980 Norio Suzuki  Japan
1979 Mitsuhiro Kitta  Japan
1978 Akio Kanemoto  Japan
1977 Masaji Kusakabe  Japan
1976 Masaji Kusakabe  Japan
1975 Shigeru Uchida  Japan
1974 Shigeru Uchida  Japan
1973 Shichiro Enomoto  Japan
1972 Kazuo Yoshikawa  Japan
1971 Makoto Yamaguchi  Japan

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