Great Plains Correctional Institution

Great Plains Correctional Institution
Location 700 Sugar Creek Drive
Hinton, Oklahoma
Status open
Security class medium
Capacity 1940
Opened 1991
Managed by GEO Group

The Great Plains Correctional Institution is a medium-security private prison for men, located in Hinton, Caddo County, Oklahoma, owned and operated by the GEO Group under contract with the Federal Bureau of Prisons.[1][2] The facility has a maximum capacity of 1940, at medium security.


Great Plains opened in 1991 as the state's first private prison, a 500-bed facility financed by the town of Hinton floating a bond issue. The first client was the Federal Bureau of Prisons.[3]

In 2000 the facility held Oklahoma prisoners; the state levied a substantial fine against Cornell Companies (the predecessor of GEO Group) for failing to performing contractual obligations related to medical care.[4] Oklahoma kept inmates at Great Plains until April 2007 when it ended the relationship—reportedly because of costs, but also after a January incident where two convicts cut the fence, escaped and went on a brief kidnapping and auto-theft crime spree before their recapture.[5]

Shortly afterward Arizona reached a deal to house about 2000 inmates at Great Plains.[6] The facility was expanded in 2008 to accommodate that higher number. Arizona ended that arrangement prematurely in August 2010.[7]

From 2010 through early 2014 the facility was empty. Federal officials again contracted to house "non-U.S. citizen criminal aliens who are deemed to be 'low-security' risks" with less than a year left to serve.[8]

In August 2016 the FBOP announced that it was phasing out its use of all private prisons as contracts expire, indicating that the facility will close once more.


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