HKFA Chairman's Cup

The Hong Kong Football Association Chairman's Cup (Chinese: ) was established by HKFA in 1975. It is now a competition for the reserve teams of Hong Kong First Division clubs.

Past winners

No. Season Winner Score Runner–up Remarks
11975–76South China
21976–77Seiko3–1 aetHappy Valley
31977–78SeikoThe matches were held in 7-vs-7 format
51979–80Happy Valley
61980–81South China ReservesThe matches started to be joined by reserve teams in this season
71981–82South China Reserves
81982–83Seiko Reserves
91983–84Happy Valley Reserves
101984–85South China Reserves
111985–86South China Reserves
121986–87South ChinaCompeted by youth teams of First Division League teams
131987–88Double FlowerCompeted by youth teams of First Division League teams
141988–89Lai Sun Double Flower Reserves
151989–90Eastern Reserves
161990–91Eastern Reserves
171991–92Eastern Reserves
181992–93Eastern Reserves
191993–94Sing Tao Reserves
201994–95Instant-Dict. Reserves
211995–96Instant-Dict. Reserves
221996–97Golden Reserves
231997–98Instant-Dict. Reserves
241998–99Sai Kung Friends Reserves
251999–2000South China Reserves
262000–01Orient & Yee Hope Union Reserves
272001–02Double Flower Reserves
282002–03South China Reserves
292003–04Sun Hei Reserves
302004–05South China Reserves
312005–06Buler Rangers Reserves1–0South China Reserves
322006–07Citizen Reserves2–1South China Reserves
332007–08Bulova Rangers Reserves8–3Eastern Reserves
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