Indonesia Super League U-21

Indonesia Super League U-21
Country  Indonesia
Confederation AFC (Asia)
Founded 2008
Number of teams 22
Level on pyramid 1
Current champions Semen Padang U-21
Most championships Persela U-21 (2)
Website Official website

Indonesia Super League U-21 is a junior level league involving U-21 team (reserve team) of participating clubs in the Indonesia Super League. Building and managing a complete U-21 team is one of the requirements for clubs participating in the ISL, as regulated by the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI).

Competition format

Different with the main ISL league, in this junior competition, the 18 participating clubs are divided into 3 groups considering geographical locations. Winners from each groups and the best runner up go through the knock-out phase (semifinal and final), which is held once each.

Beginning with the 2012 season, PT. Liga Indonesia invited the Premier Division under-21 team to include them in the Indonesia Super League U-21.


Season Winner Runner up Third rank
2008–09 Pelita Jaya U-21 Persita U-21 Persib Bandung U-21
2009–10 Persib Bandung U-21 Pelita Jaya U-21 Persipura Jayapura U-21
2011 Persela U-21 Semen Padang U-21[1] Persiwa Wamena U-21
2012 Persela U-21 Persisam U-21 Pelita Jaya U-21
2012–13 Sriwijaya FC U-21 Mitra Kukar FC U-21 Persipura Jayapura U-21
2014 Semen Padang U-21 Sriwijaya FC U-21 Persipura Jayapura U-21


Season Best player Top scorer Fair play
2008–09 Dedi Kusnandar (Pelita Jaya U-21) Aditya Putra Dewa (PSM Makassar U-21) Persik Kediri U-21
2009–10 Munadi (Persib Bandung U-21) Lukas Mandowen (Persipura U-21) Pelita Jaya U-21
2011 Fandi Eko Utomo (Persela U-21) Aldeir Makatindu (Persisam U-21) Persisam Putra Samarinda U-21
2012 Lerby Eliandry (Persisam U-21) Aldeir Makatindu (Persisam U-21) Persisam Putra Samarinda U-21
2012–13 Rizsky Dwi Ramadhana (Sriwijaya FC U-21) Rizsky Dwi Ramadhana (Sriwijaya FC U-21) Sriwijaya FC U-21
2014 Nerius Alom (Semen Padang U-21)[2] Aldi Al Achya (Persita U-21)[2] Pelita Bandung Raya U-21[2]

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