Soeratin Cup

Soeratin Cup
Country  Indonesia
Confederation AFC
Number of teams 16 (National stage)
Level on pyramid 1 (youth football)
Current champions Jember United
Most championships Persijap Jepara (3 titles)

Soeratin Cup[1] is an Indonesian football competition for players under the age of eighteen. Previously the competition was sponsored by Indofood and competition called Liga Indofood.

Soeratin name used as the name for the dedicated this championship trophy as a tribute to one of the main founder and the chairman of the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI).

The participants of this competition comes from all junior clubs from all board members to thirty-three local football associations throughout Indonesia.

Competition format

The competition begins with a competition at the district and the city that was held simultaneously across the board football union branches throughout Indonesia. The best team drove the next round of competition at the provincial level.

This provincial competition followed by the best teams from each competition that was held by the Indonesian football union branch manager in the area of the province. The competition is held by the Indonesian football association board area. Two to four best teams from every province of this round advanced to the regional level or the level of the island.

The competition level of this region was held in six regions of northern Sumatra, southern Sumatra, Java-Bali, Kalimantan (Borneo), Sulawesi and eastern Indonesia (Nusa Tenggara · Maluku · Papua). A total of thirty two teams qualify for the national level.

National competition held by the board Indonesian youth development section. This competition will produce future players for the Indonesia national football team.


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