Irvine U. Masters

Irvine U. Masters (1823 November 1865) was the mayor of Cleveland, Ohio, from 18631864.

Masters was born in New York and moved to Cleveland with his first wife, Naomi, in 1851. Masters became a trustee of Ohio City. He later helped William B. Castle negotiate the merger between Cleveland and Ohio City. Masters was a member of the Cleveland City Council and was the president of the City Council three times and officially welcomed Abraham Lincoln when he visited Cleveland in 1861. Masters defeated his successor, Edward S. Flint, because of his Republican views during the Civil War. Masters resigned from office in May 1864 when he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. He subsequently sold his part of Peck & Masters shipbuilding company. Masters' first wife, Naomi, died in 1863, after which he married M. Augusta Prull on October 27, 1863. Masters moved to New England and then to Nova Scotia to regain his health. His health still declined, and he moved to Pine Island, Minnesota, where he died in 1865.

Masters had three children with his wife Naomi: Willis, Harriet, and Main.

Political offices
Preceded by
Edward S. Flint
Mayor of Cleveland
Succeeded by
George B. Senter


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