Jakun language

Orang Hulu
Native to Malaysia
Region Johor, Pahang
Ethnicity 28,000 (2008)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 jak
Glottolog jaku1244[2]

Jakun is an Austronesian language, perhaps a dialect of Malay, spoken in Malaysia. Specifically it is spoken on the east coast and inland of Peninsular Malaysia, around the Pairang River, from Pekan in Pahang to Sri Gading, east to Benut, northwest to middle Muar river area around the districts of Segamat, Muar and Ledang in Johor. It is also known as Djakun, Jakoon, Jaku’d, Jakud’n or Orang Hulu.[3]

The language is native to the Jakun tribe belonging to the Proto-Malay branch of the indigenous natives of Malaysia, the Orang Asli.


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