Jiji Press

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Jiji Press headquarters
Former headquarters in Chiyoda, Tokyo

Jiji Press Ltd. (株式会社 時事通信社 Kabushiki gaisha Jiji Tsūshinsha) is a wire service in Japan. Headquartered at Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo, Jiji has 82 branch offices, general bureau and bureau in Japan and 28 general bureau globally. Yutaka Nishizawa (西沢 豊 Nishizawa Yutaka) is the current President of Jiji Press.

In 2012, a number of people raised doubts on some of its articles in Japan. In June, a writer in Washington, D.C., wrote a draft by copying and pasting an article wired by Kyodo News. A month's leave was imposed on the writer, his two bosses were demoted, and President Masahiro Nakata (中田 正博 Nakata Nasahiro) resigned, taking responsibility for the plagiarism.

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