Kami-Iijima Station

Kami-Iijima Station

Kami-Iijima Station, August 2004
Location Iijima-nezumita, Akita, Akita
Operated by JR East
Opened 1964

Kami-Iijima Station (上飯島駅 Kami-Iijima-eki) is a railway station on the Ōu Main Line in Akita, Akita, Japan, operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East).


Kami-Iijima Station is served by the Ōu Main Line, and is located 308.3 km from the starting point of the line at Fukushima Station. Oga Line train services also stop at this station.

Station layout

The station has two opposed side platforms serving two tracks. The station is unattended.


1 Ōu Main Line for Higashi-Noshiro and Aomori
Oga Line for Oga
2 Ōu Main Line for Akita

Adjacent stations

« Service »
Ōu Main Line
Rapid: Does not stop at this station
Tsuchizaki   Local   Oiwake


Kami-Iijima Station opened on February 10, 1964.[1] The station was absorbed into the JR East network upon the privatization of JNR on April 1, 1987.

Surrounding area


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Coordinates: 39°46′45″N 140°04′07″E / 39.7792°N 140.0685°E / 39.7792; 140.0685

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