Kentucky Route 18

Kentucky Route 18 marker

Kentucky Route 18
Route information
Maintained by KYTC
Length: 16.632 mi[1] (26.767 km)
Major junctions
West end: KY 338 in Rabbit Hash
  KY 20 in Belleview
KY 338 in Burlington
KY 237 in Burlington
KY 842 in Florence
I-71 / I-75 in Florence
East end: KY 1017 in Florence
Counties: Boone
Highway system
KY 17KY 19

Kentucky Route 18, also known as Burlington Pike, is a state highway that serves as a major road through Florence and Burlington in the U.S. state of Kentucky. The western terminus of the route is at KY 338 in Rabbit Hash. The eastern terminus is at KY 1017 in Florence.

Route description

It begins at KY 338 (East Bend Road) in the small hamlet of Rabbit Hash and travels north along the Ohio River to the small town of Belleview. In Belleview, KY 20 splits off KY 18 and heads north, as KY 18 turns east toward Burlington. KY 18 passes through Burlington as a residential road, until its intersection with KY 338, where it becomes less residential and more commercial. A couple miles east, KY 18 intersects with KY 237 (Camp Ernst Road heading south and North Bend Road heading north). The large church First Church of Christ sits on the corner of KY 18 and Camp Ernst Road (KY 237). KY 18 continues east, still as a mostly commercial road. At its busiest point, KY 18 intersects with KY 842 (Houston Road to the north and Hopeful Church Road to the south). Continuing east, KY 18 spurs off Mall Road, a commercial road holding much of the commerce in the city of Florence, including the Florence Mall. Mall Road also connects KY 18 with U.S. 42/U.S. 127, although the southbound onramp to I-71/75 does not provide any direct access to U.S. 42; the onramp parallels the interstate until it is south of U.S. 42. East of I-71/I-75, KY 18 turns slightly north in its final couple miles. Boone County High School is located along KY 18 less than a mile before its eastern terminus, at KY 1017 (Turfway Road).

Major intersections

The entire route is in Boone County.

0.0000.000 KY 338 (East Bend Road)
Belleview3.5025.636 KY 20 east (Belleview Road) to I-275 Petersburg
Burlington10.44316.806 KY 338 (Jefferson Street / Idlewild Road / East Bend Road)
11.81119.008 KY 237 Union, Hebroninterchange
LimaburgLimaburg Roadformer KY 3168 north
KY 1017 east (Aero Parkway)
Florence14.63023.545 KY 842 (Houston Road / Hopeful Church Road)
Mall Roadformer KY 3157 south
15.04724.216 I-71 / I-75 Cincinnati, Lexington, LouisvilleI-75 exit 181
16.63226.767 KY 1017 (Turfway Road) to US 25
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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