List of Chairmen of the Estates of Aruba

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Below is a list of Chairmen of the Estates of Aruba.

Name Entered office Left office
A. J. Booi January 1986 February 1986
P. (Pedro) Bislik February 1986 July 1987
H. E. (Hector) Gonzalez August 1987 February 1989
F. B. (Felix) Flanegin February 1989 August 1994
M. V. (Marco) Christiaans August 1994 January 1998
C. A. D. (Booshi) Wever January 1998 June 1998
P. E. (Eddie) Croes June 1998 February 2001
F. W. (Frido) Croes October 2001 May 2004
M. F. (Marlon) Werleman May 2004 October 2005
H. R. (Rudy) Croes October 2005 November 2005
M. G. (Mervin) Wyatt-Ras November 2005 October 2009
R. (Andy) Lee October 2009 June 2010
P. F. T. Croes June 2010 October 2013
Marisol J. Lopez October 2013 Present


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