Estates of Aruba

Estates of Aruba
Staten van Aruba
7th Aruban Estates
Founded January 1, 1986 (1986-01-01)
P.F.T. Croes (AVP)
Seats 21
Estates political groups
  •      AVP (13)
  •      MEP (7)
  •      PDR (1)
Proportional Voting
Estates last election
27 September 2013

The Estates of Aruba (Dutch: Staten van Aruba) are the unicameral legislature or parliament of Aruba. The Estates have 21 members, elected for a four year term by proportional representation. Each member holds their seats until Parliament is dissolved which is every four years by a general election. The leader of the party who gains majority usually becomes the Prime Minister.

2009 Parliamentary election

  Summary of the 25 September 2009 Estates of Aruba election results
Parties Votes % Seats
Aruban People's Party (Arubaanse Volkspartij) 26,485 48.05 12
People's Electoral Movement (Movimiento Electoral di Pueblo) 19,812 35.94 8
Real Democracy Party (Partido Democracia Real) 3,140 5.70 1
Aruban Patriotic Movement (Movimento Patriotico Arubano) 2,443 4.43
Network of Electoral Democracy (Red Electoral Democratico) 2,371 4.30
Aruban Patriotic Party (Partido Patriótico Arubano) 611 1.11
United Christians Reinforcing Aruba's Potential (Cristiannan Uni Reforzando Potencial di Aruba) 138 0.25
Independent Social Movement/Aruban Liberal Organization (Movimento Social Independiente/Organisacion Liberal Arubiano) 125 0.23
Total 55,125 100.00 21

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