Louis Fisher

For the former commander of the Botswana Defence Force, see Louis Matshwenyego Fisher.

Louis Fisher (March 20, 1913 November 28, 2001) was the Socialist Labor Party of America candidate for United States President in the 1972 Presidential election and he was "the party's top vote-getting presidential candidate." His vice presidential candidate was Genevieve Gunderson.

Fisher also ran for Governor of Illinois twice unsuccessfully; the party had run candidates for governor starting in 1896. He also ran for Senator from Illinois three times: in 1956, 1968, 1970 and for Secretary of State of Illinois in 1944. He was also a political scholar and staunch opponent of the line-item veto.


Preceded by
Henning A. Blomen
Socialist Labor Party Presidential candidate
Succeeded by
Jules Levin
Preceded by
Charles Storm
Socialist Labor Party Illinois Gubernatorial candidate
1948, 1952
Succeeded by
Edward C. Gross

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