Minister for Gender Equality (Denmark)

The Minister for Gender Equality (Danish: Ligestillingsministeriet, literally Ministry for Equality) is a Danish ministry that works on improving equal gender rights across all other ministry areas. The first Minister for Gender Equality was appointed by the Prime Minister on July 1, 1999.

Ministers of Equality

Minister Party From To
Jytte Andersen Social Democrats 27 September 1999 21 December 2000
Lotte Bundsgaard Social Democrats 21 December 2000 27 November 2001
Henriette Kjær Conservative 27 November 2001 2 August 2004
Eva Kjer Hansen Venstre 2 August 2004 12 September 2007
Karen Jespersen Venstre 12 September 2007 7 April 2009
Inger Støjberg Venstre 7 April 2009 23 February 2010
Lykke Friis Venstre 23 February 2010 3 October 2011
Manu Sareen Social Liberal Party 3 October 2011 28 June 2015
Ellen Trane Nørby Venstre 28 June 2015 Incumbent

Every Minister has held this title alongside another title. Jytte Andersen and Lotte Bundsgaard were also city and housing ministers. Henriette Kjær, Eva Kjer Hansen were social ministers. Karen Jespersen was also Social Minister, later welfare minister. Inger Støjberg was also employment minister and Lykke Friis was also climate minister. Manu Sareen, the first male Minister for Gender Equality, was also Church and Nordic Cooperation Minister, and Ellen Trane Nørby is also dducation minister.

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