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Nabob is a brand of coffee produced by Kraft Foods and sold in Canada since 1896. Nabob produces several different blends of coffee which are available in a typical Canadian supermarket.


The Nabob Coffee Company originated in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1896. It's coffee was processed and packaged in the factory of food manufacturing company Kelly Douglas Limited.[1] The name refers to the Anglo-Indian word Nabob, a term for a conspicuously wealthy man who made his fortune in the Orient during the British colonial era.

Nabob was purchased by German firm Jacobs Suchard in 1976. In 1978, the new owners extended the Nabob brand into Central and Eastern Canada and by 1986 Nabob had made its way all across Canada, Quebec being the last province to receive the brand.[1]

In 1994, the Nabob brand was purchased by Kraft Foods.

Product development

Since 2006, Nabob has been the primary coffee brand for the Tassimo coffee maker in Canada. Tassimo launched its brewing system with Nabob T Discs that combines making coffee with science and technology using Tassimo’s barcode concept.[1][2] Nabob offers twelve different types of Tassimo discs which range from their light-bodied breakfast blend to their espresso.[2] Drinks such as Nabob’s lattes and cappuccinos involve an extra T Disc of condensed milk product on top of Nabob’s own disc.[2] Furthermore, Nabob’s skinny latte comes with an extra T Disc of condensed milk product that is 56% less calories than the traditional Nabob latte.[2]

Since 2008, Nabob has included Rainforest Alliance Certified Beans in their premium coffees.[3][4] Rainforest Alliance Certified Beans are harvested in a way that promotes sustainability in coffee-growing areas of the world by maintaining ethical physical, social, and economic environments.[3][4] Each Nabob premium blend container has the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal displayed on its canister.[3] The company started with 30% Rainforest Alliance Certified Beans in 2008, expanded to 60% by 2012, and has a target of 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified Beans.[4]

Slogan: "Better beans, better coffee, better planet"


Dark roasts

Medium roasts


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