New South Wales Open (golf)

New South Wales Open
Tournament information
Location New South Wales, Australia
Established 1931
Course(s) Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club
Par 72
Length 6,767 metres (7,400 yd)
Tour(s) PGA Tour of Australasia
Format Stroke play
Prize fund A$400,000
Month played November
Current champion
Australia Adam Blyth

The New South Wales Open is an annual golf tournament held in Australia. It was founded in 1931 as the New South Wales Close Championship, before becoming the New South Wales state open championship in 1958. It is Golf Australia national ranking event.

Through 2015, the New South Wales Open was one of the lower rated events on the PGA Tour of Australasia schedule, having previously been part of the developmental Von Nida Tour which merged into the main tour for the start of the 2009 season; in 2016 it became a Tier One event, offering 16 Official World Golf Ranking points to the winner instead of the Tier Two minimum of six.


2016 Adam Blyth  Australia 265
2015 Ben Eccles (a)  Australia 269
2014 Anthony Brown  Australia 274 PO
2013 Aron Price  Australia 269
2012 No tournament
2011 Adam Crawford  Australia 274
2010 Peter O'Malley  Australia 270 PO
2009 Leigh McKechnie  Australia 281
2008 Aaron Townsend  Australia 267
2007 Jason Norris  Australia 277
2006 Rick Kulacz (Am)  Australia 270 PO
2005 Michael Wright  Australia 271
2004 Peter Lonard  Australia 270
2003 Craig Carmichael  Australia 273
2002 Terry Price  Australia
19952001 No tournament
1994 Darren Chivas  Australia
1993 No tournament
1992 Craig Parry  Australia
1991 No tournament
1990 Ken Trimble  Australia
1989 Rodger Davis  Australia
1988 Greg Norman  Australia
1987 Craig Parry  Australia
1986 Greg Norman  Australia
1985 Ian Stanley  Australia
1984 Ian Baker-Finch  Australia
1983 Greg Norman  Australia
1982 Bob Shearer  Australia
1981 Bill Rogers  United States
1980 George Serhan  Australia
1979 Jack Newton  Australia
1978 Greg Norman  Australia
1977 Trevor McDonald  Australia
1976 Jack Newton  Australia
1975 Tony Gresham (Am)  Australia
1974 Ted Ball  Australia
1973 Ed Sneed  United States
1972 Owen Beldham (Am)  Australia
1971 Bill Dunk  Australia
1970 Frank Phillips  Australia
1969 No tournament
1968 Kel Nagle  Australia
1967 Bill Dunk  Australia
1966 Frank Phillips  Australia
1965 Colin McGregor  Australia
1964 Ted Ball  Australia
1963 Peter Mills  Australia
1962 Frank Phillips  Australia
1961 Peter Thomson  Australia
1960 Frank Phillips  Australia
1959 Harry Kershaw  Australia 284
1958 Les Wilson  Australia
1957 Kel Nagle  Australia
1956 Frank Phillips  Australia
1955 Bob Swinbourne  Australia
1954 Norman Von Nida  Australia
1953 Norman Von Nida  Australia
1952 Jim Moran  Australia
1951 Kel Nagle  Australia
1950 Eric Cremin  Australia
1949 Eric Cremin  Australia
1948 Norman Von Nida  Australia
1947 Norman Von Nida  Australia
1946 Norman Von Nida  Australia
194045 No tournament due to World War II
1939 Norman Von Nida  Australia
1938 Jim Ferrier (Am)  Australia
1937 Jim Ferrier (Am)  Australia
1936 Jim Ferrier (Am)  Australia
1935 Jim Ferrier (Am)  Australia
1934 Sam Richardson  Australia
1933 Jim Ferrier (Am)  Australia
1932 Sam Richardson  Australia
1931 Charlie Gray  Australia

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