Developer(s) Ascensio System SIA
Stable release
8.5 / 20 April 2015 (2015-04-20)
Written in HTML, JavaScript, C++
Operating system Windows, Linux
Available in 21 languages[1]
Type Office Suite, Project management, Collaboration, CRM, Document Management
License SaaS, GNU Affero General Public License3

ONLYOFFICE (formerly Teamlab Office) is a multifunctional online office suite integrated with CRM system, document and project management toolset, Gantt chart and email aggregator. ONLYOFFICE is written in ASP.NET and translated to 21 languages (as of October 2014).

Deployment Solutions

ONLYOFFICE is available in two deployment solutions:[2]

OnlyOffice Features

Office Suite

ONLYOFFICE includes an online office application suite working within a browser. It combines text, spreadsheet and presentation editors that include features similar to Microsoft desktop editors (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), but then allow to co-edit,[3] comment and chat in real time.[4]


ONLYOFFICE Office Suite is based on HTML5 Canvas element.[5]

Document Management

ONLYOFFICE provides the following capabilities for users to organize and manage documents:


An instrument for coordination of work with clients and partners that includes the following features:

Project Management + Gantt Chart

Collaboration within ONLYOFFICE is possible by the means of task delegation and human resources allocation. The following tools are available:


A mail management tool that offers the following features:

The main advantage is integration with CRM and Documents modules.


A set of tools for efficient collaboration within a team:


Before rebranding that took place in July 2014 ONLYOFFICE was distributed as Teamlab and Teamlab Office


The product has been reviewed by TechRadar,[11] CMSWiRE,[12] LiveEnterprise,[13],[14] Business Insider,[15] TechRepublic,[16] Unixmen,[17] NoobsLAB,[18],[19] PCMag,[20][21],[22] Softpedia,[23] FOSS Force[24]

ONLYOFFICE Personal has been covered by TechCrunch,[25] Liventerprise,[26] Gizmo's Freeware,[27]

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