Bynari, Inc.
Email Software
Industry Software
Founded 1999
Headquarters Dallas, Texas[1], USA
Area served
Products Insight Family

Bynari is a company based in Dallas, developing server and email software mainly known for its Insight Family containing a cheap email server being able to use similar to a Microsoft Exchange Server with Outlook.[2]

Development of the products is a joint effort with various OEM partners.

Insight Family

Bynari's products support various email clients. Microsoft Outlook, Novell Evolution, and Mozilla Sunbird are used for groupware sharing with the current products.

Bynari’s products consist of:

Insight Server

Insight Server, formerly known as TradeXCH,[1] is mostly a suite of many open source applications using components of Cyrus IMAP,[7] Exim,[7] Postfix, Berkeley DB, OpenLDAP,[7] Apache,[7] and ProFTP.[7] Bynari has developed a web interface for administrating the different applications.[7]

It was the first commercial web server based on the open source software Kolab version 1.[8] A version based on Kolab 2 was canceled, because of Kolab's change of storing the data.[8] It also uses Spamassassin, Clamav, and AMaViS for security. It conforms to open standards: syncML, GroupDAV, Caldav, and Webdav. The middleware products are developed by Bynari and provide groupware sharing with calendars, contacts, and tasks.

Insight Connector

The Insight Connector is a server which works like a Microsoft Exchange Server, but using IMAP and a Microsoft Outlook plugin.[1] The server also supports MAPI Message Store Provider and thus being able to edit and change the groupware-Data "live and online" using any IMAP server.[8] The server is also used by IBM serving over 4.600 companies.[9][10]


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