Orders of magnitude (one cubic kilometre to one cubic megametre)

The following is a table of objects with volumes or capacities of between one cubic kilometre and one cubic megametre.

volume (m3) example
1×109 one cubic kilometre or one teralitre
1.2×109 approximate volume of rock ejected during the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens
1.3×109 volume of Lake Biel, Switzerland
2.5×109 volume of Lake Walen, Switzerland
3.2×109 volume of Lake Zug
3.9×109 volume of Lake Zürich
4.168×109 one cubic mile
5×109 volume of crude oil consumed by the world in a year
5.17×109 volume of Lake Brienz
5.2×109 volume of the artificial Gatun Lake (Panama Canal)
6.5×109 volume of Lake Thun
6.5×109 volume of Lake Lugano
1×1010 estimated volume of rock ejected during the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo
1.4×1010 volume of Lake Neuchâtel
1.45×1010 volume of Lake Lucerne
3.52×1010 volume of Lake Mead, the reservoir of the Hoover Dam
3.7×1010 volume of Lago Maggiore
5.5×1010 volume of Lake Constance
8.89×1010 volume of Lake Geneva
1×1011 estimated volume of rock exploded in eruption of Mount Tambora volcano on 12 April 1815
1.44×1011 volume of Fedchenko Glacier and its tributaries
1.33×1011 volume of Lake Nasser
2×1011 estimated volume of the annual net inflow of seawater to the Black Sea (from the Mediterranean Sea via the Bosporus)
2.8×1011 volume of Lake Onega
~3×1011 volume of crude oil on Earth
3.2×1011 estimated volume of the annual inflow of freshwater to the Black Sea
4.84×1011 volume of Lake Erie
8.37×1011 volume of Lake Ladoga
1×1012 one petalitre
1.1×1012 volume of the Aral Sea in 1960
2.76×1012 volume of Lake Victoria
2.8×1012 volume of magma erupted by the Toba supervolcano 74000 years ago
4.918×1012 volume of Lake Michigan
5×1012 volume of the Fish Canyon Tuff erupted by the La Garita Caldera
5.5×1012 volume of the asteroid 433 Eros
1.2232×1013 volume of Lake Superior
1.84×1013 volume of Lake Tanganyika
2.36×1013 volume of Lake Baikal
5.5×1014 volume of the Black Sea
1×1015 one exalitre
1×1015 volume of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean, which contains the deepest point on the Earth's surface
2.6×1015 volume of Greenland ice cap
3.7×1015 volume of the Mediterranean Sea
3×1017 volume of the Atlantic Ocean and volume of the Indian Ocean (rough estimates)
4.5×1017 volume of Ceres
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