Paniya language

Native to India
Region Kerala State
Native speakers
94,000 (2003)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 pcg
Glottolog pani1256[2]

Paniya is one of the Dravidian languages of India. It is spoken by the Paniya people, a scheduled tribe with a majority of its speakers in the state of Kerala. The language is also known as Pania, Paniyan and Panyah. It belongs to the Dravidian family of languages.[3] According to the 1981 Census, there were 63,827 speakers of Paniya which includes 56,952 in Kerala, 6,393 in Tamil Nadu, 482 in Karnataka.[4] Most of its speakers are found in the Wayanad, Kozhikode, Kannur and Malappuram districts of Kerala, and to the west of the Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu.

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