Sholaga language

Soliga (சொலிக)
Native to India
Region Karnataka, Tamil Nadu
Ethnicity Soliga
Native speakers
24,000 (2006)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 sle
Glottolog shol1240[2]

The Sholaga (Soliga) language is a Dravidian language related to Kannada and Tamil, spoken by the Soliga people.

Other names

Sholaga language, is also known as Kadu Sholigar, Sholiga, Sholigar, Solaga, Soliga, Soligar, Solanayakkans, Sholanayika.


Sholaga is classified as a Dravidian language, more specifically South Dravidian. Dravidian languages are split into five main categories by the name of Southern, South Central, Central, North and Unclassified. Sholaga falls into the Southern category which is then split into the three categories: Tamil-Kannada, Macro-Tulu, and unclassified. Sholaga falls into the Tamil-Kannada category.


English Sholaga
Tiger dodinayi
elephant coquedana
elephant with huge tusks coquedonga
female elephant with growing tusks coreyani
deer jinke
Sambar deer kadave
Moss Deer koore
Muntjac/barking deer tadu-koori
Area with boulders and rarely any rain udugaru
An evergreen forest kanu-kadu


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