Peter Wong (sports commentator)

Peter Hing-kwei Wong
Born 黃興桂
February 26, 1944
Hong Kong Occupied Territory
Other names Pei Dan Wong
Kwai Sun

Peter Hing-kwei Wong (黃興桂) (nickname Pei Dan Wong (皮蛋黃, lit. Preserved egg yolk, or Kwai Sun (桂神, lit. Kwai God)) is a sports commentator in Hong Kong. He has also worked in ESPN in Singapore, and hosts a wide variety of Cantonese sports programmes, including football, basketball, baseball, American football, tennis and boxing.

He is famous for his odd catchphrases during programmes, such as

- "There are only two possibilities for penalty: it's either going to go in or not."
- Who're the best friends of goalkeepers in the match? Of course the posts and the bars are!".
- Which team scores first in this match has a greater chance to win the match.
- Gary Neville has 3 weaknesses: no pace, running slow, not fast enough.
- This match can be put in the fridge now. (meaning the result is unlikely to change)

Such catchphrases are often use by other Cantonese-speaking sports commentators. He is a very controversial football commentator in Hong Kong, many find his commentating style being senseless but he has also many supporters thinking he is very entertaining. His catchphrases and quotes in his shows has once been quoted in an email on the internet, named "101 golden football quotes of Peter Wong", which was then widely circulated. He also teaches English, Spanish, French and Italian languages during a football match to Hong Kong audiences. His best partner is Simon Kong (江忠德), who said they have co-operated for 15 years in a UEFA Champions League commentary.

Wong also writes football gambling tips in famous Hong Kong newspapers, and he is noted for the low accuracy rate of his predictions. It has been recorded that Wong had 23 failures out of 33 predictions about consecutive matches. In internet forums like HKGolden, he is glorified and nicknamed as Kwai Sun (Kwai God, 桂神) for being so reliable that gamblers can nearly always win by going against his predictions.

Peter Wong is a Liverpool fan, as he wrote in one famous sentence: I tip Liverpool in feelings, but I tip AC Milan in sense, in a newspaper before the final of the 2005 UEFA Champions League. In addition, it can be obviously seen that Peter Wong is so excited during the commentary of Liverpool matches.

Peter Wong has a wide interpersonal connection, he has a lot of celebrity friends as he mentioned in his programmes. And he often said that the legendary English football commentator, Martin Tyler is one of his mentors.

Peter Wong is also very interested in singing Louis Koo's songs. His personal favourite is 像我這一種男人. It was discovered that when he sings this song, he could not put down the microphone.

Despite his entertaining performance during programmes, Peter Wong had a sad life. His father, a Hong Kong tycoon, was kidnapped and killed in 1959. The kidnap case was known as the Three Wolves Case (三狼案) and is considered one of the most famous crime in the Hong Kong history. His wife also died in a plane crash while travelling alone in the United States in 1982.

He was the former coach of Eastern AA, South China AA and Tsuen Wan. In the 1982-83 season, South China AA, under Peter Wong, was relegated to second division, the first time in the club's history, and finally retained due to request of Hong Kong Football Association.

He is described as a commentator, who integrates Latin and English styles of football commentary, together with Hong Kong local color.[1]

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