Pont-Saint-Martin (bridge)


Carries Connection Po Valley-Gaul
Crosses Lys
Locale Pont-Saint-Martin, Aosta Valley, Italy
Design Arch bridge
Material Stone
Width 5.8 m
Longest span 31.4 m, 35.64 m or 36.65 m
Number of spans 1
Construction end Reign of Augustus (27 BC–14 AD)

The Pont-Saint-Martin is a Roman segmental arch bridge in the Aosta Valley in Italy dating to the 1st century BC.

The span is 31.4 metres (103 ft)[1] according to recent research, but frequently stated to be 35.64 m or 36.65 m.[2]

Other extant Roman bridges in the Aosta valley include the Pont d'Aël in the Cogne Valley and the Pont de Pierre in Aosta.

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Coordinates: 45°35′58″N 7°48′00″E / 45.5993262801°N 7.8000998497°E / 45.5993262801; 7.8000998497

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