Ponte di Pioraco

Ponte di Pioraco
Carries Branch of Via Flaminia
Locale Pioraco, Italy
Design Arch bridge
Number of spans 1 (plus 1 floodway)
Opened Reign of Augustus (27 BC–14 AD)

The Ponte di Pioraco is a Roman bridge in Pioraco, central Italy, presumably erected under emperor Augustus (r. 30 BC–14 AD).

It belonged to a branch road of the Via Flaminia, which ran from Nocera Umbra to the east through Pioraco, San Severino, Treia and Osimo to Ancona.[1] The structure has a single arch vault.[1] At one end a small segmental arch springs from the ground to the quarter point of the main arch; it worked as a floodway.[1] The Ponte del Gran Caso, which is also located in central Italy, features a similar design.[2]

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Coordinates: 43°10′45″N 12°59′05″E / 43.17917°N 12.98472°E / 43.17917; 12.98472

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