Puerto Rican general election, 2016

Puerto Rican general election, 2016
Puerto Rico
November 8, 2016 (2016-11-08)

Turnout 55.10%
Nominee Ricky Rosselló David Bernier
Party New Progressive Popular Democratic
Running mate Jenniffer González Héctor Ferrer
Popular vote 649,791 605,710
Percentage 41.76% 38.93%

Governor before election

Alejandro García Padilla
Popular Democratic

Elected Governor

Ricky Rosselló
New Progressive

General elections were held in Puerto Rico on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 to elect the officials of the Puerto Rican government that will serve from January 2017 to January 2021, most notably the Governor of Puerto Rico.

Governor of Puerto Rico


Before the election year, the Constitution of Puerto Rico provides for any qualified person to present their candidacy for a specific position. If two or more candidates from the same party present their candidacy for the same position, and they can't reach an agreement within the party, a primary election is held. This election is held within the inscribed members of each party, to select which of the candidates will represent the party in the general election.

Both of the main parties: New Progressive Party (PNP) and Popular Democratic Party (PPD), held primaries for several positions on June 5, 2016.

New Progressive Party (PNP)

The primaries were held on June 5, 2016 to determine candidates for Governor of Puerto Rico, the Senate, House of Representatives, and others.

Popular Democratic Party (PPD)

The primaries were held on June 5, 2016 to determine several candidates for the Senate, House of Representatives, and others.

Minority parties

Two minority parties officialized their gubernatorial candidates are the Working People's Party (PPT), who will nominate Rafael Bernabe once again.[1] and the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) who will nominate María de Lourdes Santiago.


As of November 2015, two independent candidates have expressed their interest in running for Governor:

Final candidates


The official candidates for the position of Governor of Puerto Rico are:

Resident Commissioner

The official candidates for the position of Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico are:

Senate of Puerto Rico


The ballot featured sixteen (16) candidates from four different parties and one independent candidate (bold denotes incumbent candidates)


San Juan
  • Noel Berríos Díaz (PIP)
  • Carlos Córdova Iturregui (PPT)
  • José A. Ojeda Santos (PIP)
  • Migdalia Padilla (PNP)
  • Carmelo Ríos Santiago (PNP)
  • Ana Lydia Robles (PPD)
  • Antonio J. Serrano (PPD)
  • Ivette Torres Roig

  • Luis Berdiel (PNP)
  • Nelson Cruz (PNP)
  • Angel Fourquet Cordero (PPD)
  • Luis Enrique Martínez (PIP)
  • Heriberto Quiles (PPT)
  • Juan Rafael Rosario (PIP)
  • Ramón Ruiz (PPD)
  • José Bonilla Colón (PIP)
  • María Yadira Díaz (PIP)
  • Juan Pablo Hernández (PPD)
  • Carlos Rodríguez Mateo (PNP)
  • Angel Rodríguez Otero (PPD)
  • Axel "Chino" Roque (PNP)
  • Javier Córdova Iturregui (PPT)
  • José Luis Dalmau (PPD)
  • Luis "Pickie" Díaz (PNP)
  • Miguel Laureano (PNP)
  • Lydia Ortíz (PIP)
  • Olivero Rivera (PIP)
  • José Sotero Esteva (PPT)
  • Jorge Suárez Cáceres (PPD)

House of Representatives


The ballot featured sixteen (16) candidates from four different parties (bold denotes incumbent candidates)

New Progressive Party (PNP)
Popular Democratic Party (PPD)

Other parties
  • Denis Márquez (PIP)
  • Félix Córdova Iturregui (PPT)



Candidate Party Votes %
Ricky RossellóNew Progressive Party655,62641.76
David BernierPopular Democratic Party610,95638.92
Alexandra LúgaroIndependent174,52911.12
Manuel CidreIndependent89,8905.73
María de Lourdes SantiagoPuerto Rican Independence Party33,4522.13
Rafael Bernabe RiefkohlWorking People's Party5,3740.34
Invalid/blank votes9,797
Registered voters/turnout2,867,55755.10
Source: CEEPUR

The candidate from the New Progressive Party (PNP) Ricky Rosselló beat the candidate from the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) David Bernier obtaining 41.76% of the votes against 38.92% for Bernier. Most notably, the two independent candidates – Alexandra Lúgaro and Manuel Cidre – managed to arrive in third and fourth place with 11.12% and 5.73% respectively. For the fourth election in a row, the candidate of the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) failed to receive the required 3% of the votes to remain registered. The same result happened to Rafael Bernabe from the Working People's Party (PPT) for the second election in a row.

Resident Commissioner

Candidate Party Votes %
Jenniffer GonzálezNew Progressive Party713,60548.77
Héctor FerrerPopular Democratic Party691,41947.25
Hugo RodríguezPuerto Rican Independence Party39,3952.69
Mariana NogalesWorking People's Party of Puerto Rico18,8711.29
Invalid/blank votes116,359
Registered voters/turnout2,867,557
Source: CEEPUR


Source: CEEPUR

Despite losing most of the Senate and the House, the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) managed to win a majority of the mayoralty races in the island, with a total of 45 out of 78 municipalities. The New Progressive Party (PNP) won a total of 33.

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