Developer(s) MAG Interactive
Platform(s) iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8
Release date(s) March 2012
Genre(s) Word Game

Ruzzle is a 2012 video game for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices. The game was developed by the Swedish gaming company MAG Interactive.

The application was published on Apple Store in March 2012.[1] The game mechanism is inspired by the board games Boggle and Scrabble.[2]


The game is based on a system of online challenges: to start a game, the player must find an opponent to play against, which may be chosen randomly by the system between online users, chosen from a list of friends set by the player or chosen among Facebook friends.

Each game is divided into three rounds and the final score is the sum of the scores obtained in each round. In each round, the player has two minutes to form as many words as possible with the sixteen letters available in the 4x4 grid on the screen. Words must be at least two letters and must be formed using letters adjacent one to another. You can not enter the same letter-box multiple times within the same word. As in Scrabble, a different score is assigned to each letter.[3]

After each round, in the paid version, you can view all the possible words and see if you managed to find any of the highest-scoring possible words. You also get to compare your words with that of an opponent (if you had one—there is a practice mode that allows you to play against no one). In round 3, the tiles generally have more score boosters such as Doubling or Tripling the value of letters or even entire words; therefore, round 3 scores of experienced players can often be above 2,000 while round 1 and 2 scores are generally less than half. The free version has the multiplayer functionality of the premium version, but lacks the "view all possible words" feature and also has advertisements.


The game success was initially confined to its domestic market in Sweden, and in nearby countries like Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands.[1] In January 2013, six months after the original release, Ruzzle topped the list of most downloaded app in the United States[4] and as of April 2013 counts more than 35 million players in 128 different countries.[5]

Ruzzle Adventure

MAG Interactive released Ruzzle Adventure May 2014 on IOS systems. The game is built with new word challenges with goals and move limits as you advance to each level of the game. Ruzzle Adventure is considered the perfect extension of Ruzzle according to MAG Interactive's CEO.


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