Shinmachi River

Shinmachi River

The point where the Shinmachi and Suketō Rivers meet on the east side of Hyotan-jima. The building in the middle is the Tokushima Prefectural Government Office
Country Japan
Main source Tokushima City
River mouth sea level
Physical characteristics
Length 6.9 km (4.3 mi)

The Shinmachi River (新町川 shinmachigawa) is a river found in the heart of Tokushima City in Tokushima Prefecture. It has the Suketō River, Tamiya River, Sako River, and Sumiyoshijima River as its tributaries.

At current, the non-profit organization Shinmachi Preservation Committee is in charge of keeping the river clean and holding tours around the river via boat.


During the Edo period the Shinmachi River was a very busy area due to the travel of boats carrying Indigo Dyeing wares, one of the main trades supporting finance in the region at the time.


The Shinmachi River runs through the middle of the capital city of Tokushima Prefecture - Tokushima City, and passes by many well known tourist spots within the city area.


Up until the early Shōwa period, the condition of the river was so good as to allow people to swim there during the summertime. However, in the coming years the river became increasingly polluted and thus unsuitable for swimming. Efforts in recent years to clean up the river have improved its overall condition greatly, but there still remains some sludge on the bottom of the river and it has yet to return to its former glory.

Main events along the waterway


The Aibahama Park and Mizugiwai Park areas along the riverside are popular spots for events. The river itself is also used during an event each Christmas, in which people dressed in Santa suits distribute gifts to children along the riverside from atop boats. Over 3,000 presents are given out each year.

Event Location Date
The Hana Haru Festa Aibahama Park Three days during late April
The Tanabata Balloon Release The Shinmachi Bashi Higashi Park July 7(Tanabata
Awa Odori Various areas alongside the river Four days in mid-August
Awa no Tanuki Festival Aibahama Park Three days in early November
Winter Swimming in the Shinmachi River Near the Mizugiwai Park Winter
The Hyotan-jima River Festival The Shinmachi Boardwalk

Tourist spots

Tokushima City is home to many different historical sites due to its long history as the capital city in the region.

Name Genre Notes
Hyotan-jima Boat Cruise Boat Cruise The only free boat cruise in Japan.
Tokushima Castle Remains Castle Remains The remains of the castle built by the Hachisuka clan in years long past.
Washi no Mon Historical Remains Once used as the main gate to Tokushima Castle.
Tokushima Castle Garden Garden Nationally designated as one of the most famous gardens in all Japan.
Tokushima Castle Museum Museum A museum found in the middle of Tokushima Central Park and the remains of Tokushima Castle.

34°04′18″N 134°32′55″E / 34.071593°N 134.548583°E / 34.071593; 134.548583Coordinates: 34°04′18″N 134°32′55″E / 34.071593°N 134.548583°E / 34.071593; 134.548583 (Shinmachi bridge)

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