Stickies (software)


Stickies 8.0 from OS X Lion
Developer(s) Apple Computer
Stable release
10.0 / October 22, 2013 (2013-10-22)
Operating system System 7, Mac OS 8, Mac OS 9, macOS
Type Post-it note-like notetaking software

Stickies is an application for Apple Macintosh computers that puts Post-it note-like windows on the screen, for the user to write short reminders, notes and other clippings. Contents are automatically stored, and restored when the application is restarted. There is also an unrelated freeware program with the same name and functionality for computers running under Microsoft Windows.

The first version of Stickies was written by Apple employee Jens Alfke and included in System 7.5 in 1994. Alfke originally developed it in his free time as Antler Notes and intended to release it as shareware doing business as Antler Software; Apple planned to acquire it from him, but realized that they already legally owned it under the terms of his employment.[1] During the transition to Mac OS X, it was rewritten in Cocoa, and is still included in macOS, now with features such as transparent notes, styled text and the ability to embed pictures in notes.

A feature-reduced version of Stickies is included with Dashboard as a widget since Mac OS X v10.4. An updated version of Stickies (Core Data Stickies) was included in the Xcode developer examples in Mac OS X Tiger.

Similar applications (described as "desktop notes") are available for most operating systems.



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