Tetsugaku-dō Park

Tetsugaku-dō Park

Myōshōji River flowing through Tetsugaku-dō Park
Location Nakano Ward and Shinjuku Ward, Japan
Coordinates Coordinates: 35°43′20″N 139°40′26″E / 35.722242°N 139.674026°E / 35.722242; 139.674026
Area 52,494 square metres (12.972 acres)
Created 1904
Public transit access Ochiai-minami-nagasaki Station

Tetsugaku-dō Park (哲学堂公園 Tetsugaku-dō Kōen) (literally, Temple of Philosophy Park) is a public park in Tokyo, Japan. Most of the park is in Nakano Ward, while approximately 7% (at the south-eastern edge) is in Shinjuku Ward.[1] It was created in 1904 by Inoue Enryō, philosopher and founder of Toyo University, as a place for spiritual training.


Tetsugaku-dō Park has a play area for children, toilets, a Japanese garden and a plum garden.

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