The Conqueror's Story

The Conqueror's Story

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Also known as 'Chor Hon Kiu Hung'
Genre Historical drama
Written by Leung Wing-mui
Cheung Wa-biu
Sin Siu-ling
Mak Sai-lung
Ma Chi-kan
Chan Bo-yin
Directed by Wong Kok-keung
Chu Lai-wo
Ng Koon-ching
Wong Kin-fan
Chan Seung-kuen
Starring Adam Cheng
Kwong Wa
Maggie Cheung
Melissa Ng
Opening theme Juet Sai Hung Choi (絕世雄才) performed by Adam Cheng
Ending theme Chi Sam Yau Kei Nung (癡心有幾濃) performed by Kwong Wah and Kitman Mak
Composer(s) Mo Leung-kwong
Cheng Kwok-kong
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 30
Executive producer(s) Lee Tim-shing
Location(s) Hong Kong
Production company(s) TVB
Original network TVB Jade
Original release October 25 – December 4, 2004
The Conqueror's Story
Traditional Chinese 楚漢驕雄
Simplified Chinese 楚汉骄雄
Literal meaning Proud Heroes of Chu and Han

The Conqueror's Story is a Hong Kong television series based on the events in the Chu–Han Contention, an interregnum between the fall of the Qin dynasty and the founding of the Han dynasty in Chinese history. It was first broadcast in 2004 in Hong Kong on TVB Jade.


The plot follows a story-by-story pattern, with each episode featuring an event before and during the Chu–Han Contention. A cast member explains the background of the story in the prologue of each episode.

Pre-episode extras

Prior to the start of each episode is an extra scene that provides an explanation to a certain main point within that episode, many of which have been enshrined in history books, or have become idioms frequently used in modern Chinese society.

# Rough translation of title (in English) Original title (in Chinese) Presenter
1 Rising in rebellion 揭竿起義 Cheung Chi-kwong
2 Street rascal 市井之徒 Ng May-hang
3 Uprising of the Slaying of the White Serpent 斬白蛇起義 Law Lok-lam
4 Evaluation of the First Emperor 秦始皇功過 Cheng Chi-sing
5 The Second Emperor 二世祖 Lam Wai-san
6 Beauty Yu 虞美人 Ka Bik-yee
7 Humiliation of crawling between another person's legs 胯下之辱 Cheung Chi-kwong
8 Li Yiji 酈食其 Law Lok-lam
9 Zhang Liang's plan 張良計 Lam Wai-san
10 King Huai of Chu 楚懷王 Cheng Chi-sing
11 A subject's title 卿子冠軍 Ng May-hang
12 Breaking cauldrons and sinking boats 破釜沉舟 Adam Cheng
13 To call a deer a horse 指鹿爲馬 Henry Lo
14 Three conditions in an agreement 約法三章 Cheung Chi-kwong
15 Feast at Hong Gate 鴻門夜宴 Ngai Wai
16 Apes bathed and dressed in human clothes 沐猴而冠 Wayne Lai
17 Out with the old, in with the new 推陳出新 Mak Ka-lun
18 Xiao He chases Han Xin under the moonlight 蕭何月下追韓信 Siu Chuen-yung
19 Pretending to repair the gallery roads while secretly passing through Chencang 明修棧道 暗渡陳倉 Adam Cheng
20 Reverse Strategy 反間計 Henry Lo
21 When Han Xin selects his soldiers, the more the better 韓信點兵 多多益善 Lam Wai-san
22 The Battle of Sui River 睢水之戰 Ngai Wai
23 Traveling at night dressed in glamorous outfits 錦衣夜行 Wayne Lai
24 Ancient torture methods 古代極刑 Ka Bik-yee
25 The fake king of Qi 假齊王 Siu Chuen-yung
26 Offer me a bowl of broth 分我杯羹 Ng May-hang
27 Going back on one's words 出爾反爾 Cheng Chi-sing
28 The Hong Canal 鴻溝 Law Lok-lam
29 Surrounded by Chu songs 四面楚歌 Mak Ka-lun
30 Too ashamed to face my folks from Jiangdong 無面目見江東父老 Adam Cheng


Note: Some of the characters' names are in Cantonese romanisation.

Lead roles

Hung Yu forces

Lau Bong forces


  • Lee Hung-kit as Ngai Pau
  • Wong Man-biu as Pang Yut
  • Cheng Ka-sang as Cheung Yee
  • Lee Hoi-sang as Chan Yu
  • Tang Yu-chiu as Tin Do

  • Cheung Hon-ban as Ng Jui
  • Kwok Tak-shun as Hon Sun, King of Hon
  • Joe Junior as Gak-lung
  • Yiu Ying-ying as Yan Cheung
  • Ngan Lai-jui as Princess Lo-yuen
  • Cheng Chi-sing as Yung Chi

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