Vuelta a La Rioja

Vuelta a La Rioja

The end of the 48th Tour of La Rioja.
Race details
Date Late-April
Region La Rioja, Spain
English name Tour of La Rioja
Local name(s) Vuelta a La Rioja (Spanish)
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type Stage-race (until 2008)
One-day race (from 2009)
Organiser Club Ciclista Logroñés
First edition 1957 (1957)
Editions 56 (as of 2016)
First winner  Alberto Sant (ESP)
Most wins  Jesus Manzaneque (ESP)
 Carlos Echeverria (ESP)
(3 wins)
Most recent  Michael Matthews (AUS)

The Vuelta a La Rioja (English: Tour of La Rioja) is a regional Spanish road bicycle race held in La Rioja. From 2005 to 2008, it was a 2.1 category race on the UCI Europe Tour.

The event is facing financial challenges in 2009. Wrote

Economic woes in Spain have forced organizers to reduce the formerly three-day Rioja tour into a one-day race around the famous wine-growing region. Rather than risk not having any race at all, organizers opted to downsize in 2009 with hopes of reviving the stage-race format next season.[1]


Rider Team
1957 Spain Sant, AlbertoAlberto Sant (ESP) Mobylette Coabania
1958 Spain Pinera, Manuel MartinManuel Martin Pinera (ESP) KAS-Boxing Club
1959 No race
1960 Spain Rodriguez, AngelAngel Rodriguez (ESP) Brandy Majestad
1961 No race
1962 Spain Echeverria, CarlosCarlos Echeverria (ESP) Funcor-Munguia
1963 Spain Echeverria, CarlosCarlos Echeverria (ESP) KAS-Kaskol
1964 Spain Barrutia, AntonioAntonio Barrutia (ESP) KAS-Kaskol
1965 Spain Uribezubia, Juan MariaJuan Maria Uribezubia (ESP) KAS-Kaskol
1966 Spain Gomez Del Moral, AntonioAntonio Gomez Del Moral (ESP) KAS-Kaskol
1967 Spain Erenozaga, GabinoGabino Erenozaga (ESP) Fagor
1968 Spain Mendiburu, RamonRamon Mendiburu (ESP) Fagor-Fargas
1969 Spain Ocana, LuisLuis Ocaña (ESP) Fagor
1970 Spain Echeverria, CarlosCarlos Echeverria (ESP) KAS-Kaskol
1971 Spain Manzaneque, JesusJesus Manzaneque (ESP) KAS-Kaskol
1972 Spain Ponton, Jose AntonioJosé Antonio Ponton (ESP) Werner
1973 Spain Manzaneque, JesusJesus Manzaneque (ESP) La Casera-Peña Bahamontes
1974 Spain Manzaneque, JesusJesus Manzaneque (ESP) La Casera-Peña Bahamontes
1975 Spain Elorriaga, FranciscoFrancisco Elorriaga (ESP) KAS-Kaskol
1976 No race
1977 Spain Ladron De Guevara, RafaelRafael Ladron De Guevara (ESP) KAS-Campagnolo
1978 Spain Galdos, FranciscoFrancisco Galdos (ESP) KAS-Campagnolo
1979 Spain Garcia, EulalioEulalio Garcia (ESP) Teka
1980 Spain Suarez Cueva, JesusJesus Suarez Cueva (ESP) Fosforera-Vereco
1981 Spain Juarez, IsidroIsidro Juarez (ESP) Zor-Helios
1982 Spain Lejarreta, MarinoMarino Lejarreta (ESP) Teka
1983 Spain Chozas, EduardoEduardo Chozas (ESP) Zor-Gemeaz-Cusin
1984 Spain Gaston, InakiIñaki Gaston (ESP) Reynolds
1985 Spain Antequera, FranciscoFrancisco Antequera (ESP) Zor-Gemeaz
1986 Spain Laguia, Jose LuisJosé Luis Laguía (ESP) Reynolds
1987 Germany Dietzen, RaimundRaimund Dietzen (GER) Teka
1988 Spain Echave, FedericoFederico Echave (ESP) B.H. Sport
1989 Spain Aja, EnriqueEnrique Aja (ESP) Teka
1990 Spain Gutierrez, AlfonsoAlfonso Gutierrez (ESP) B.H.-Amaya Seguros
1991 No race
1992 Spain Zarrabeitia, MikelMikel Zarrabeitia (ESP) Amaya Seguros
1993 France Jalabert, LaurentLaurent Jalabert (FRA) O.N.C.E.
1994 Spain Jimenez, Jose MariaJosé María Jiménez (ESP) Banesto
1995 Spain Indurain, MiguelMiguel Indurain (ESP) Banesto
1996 Spain Sierra, José RobertoJosé Roberto Sierra (ESP) O.N.C.E.
1997 Spain Jimenez, Jose MariaJosé María Jiménez (ESP) Banesto
1998 Spain Olano, AbrahamAbraham Olano (ESP) Banesto
1999 Spain Dominguez, Juan CarlosJuan Carlos Domínguez (ESP) Vitalicio Seguros-Grupo Generali
2000 Spain Martin Perdiguero, Miguel AngelMiguel Ángel Martín Perdiguero (ESP) Vitalicio Seguros-Grupo Generali
2001 Spain Solaun, CesarCesar Solaun (ESP)
2002 Spain Torrent, CarlosCarlos Torrent (ESP) Jazztel-Costa de Almería
2003 Colombia Cardenas, FelixFélix Cárdenas (COL) Orbitel 2005
2004 Russia Karpets, VladimirVladimir Karpets (RUS) Illes Balears–Banesto
2005 Spain Pascual Rodriguez, JavierJavier Pascual Rodriguez (ESP) Comunidad Valenciana-Elche
2006 Spain Serrano, RicardoRicardo Serrano (ESP) Kaiku
2007 Spain Plaza, RubenRubén Plaza (ESP) Caisse d'Epargne
2008 Spain Calvente, ManuelManuel Calvente (ESP) Contentpolis–Murcia
2009 Spain Garcia, DavidDavid García (ESP) Xacobeo–Galicia
2010 Spain Vicioso, ÁngelÁngel Vicioso (ESP) Andalucía–Cajasur
2011 Spain Erviti, ImanolImanol Erviti (ESP) Movistar Team
2012 Russia Shalunov, EvgenyEvgeny Shalunov (RUS) Lokosphinx
2013 Italy Lasca, FrancescoFrancesco Lasca (ITA) Caja Rural–Seguros RGA
2014 Australia Matthews, MichaelMichael Matthews (AUS) Orica–GreenEDGE
2015 Australia Ewan, CalebCaleb Ewan (AUS) Orica–GreenEDGE
2016 Australia Matthews, MichaelMichael Matthews (AUS) Orica–GreenEDGE


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