Weligama Urban Council

Weligama Urban Council
Mohomad Husein Hajiyar Muhammad
Since March 2011
Deputy Chairman
Arindra Sanath Kumara Pelaketiyage
Since March 2011
Seats 10
Last election
Sri Lankan local government elections, 2011

Weligama Urban Council (WUC) is the local authority for the town of Weligama in the Matara District, Southern Province, Sri Lanka. The WUC is responsible for providing a variety of local public services including roads, sanitation, drains, housing, libraries, public parks and recreational facilities. It has 10 councillors elected using an open list proportional representation system.[1]

Election results

2011 local government election

Results of the local government election held on 17 March 2011:[2][3]

Alliances and parties Votes % Seats
  United People's Freedom Alliance (NC, ACMC, SLFP et al.) 7,246 63.54% 7
  United National Party 3,622 31.76% 3
  Sri Lanka Muslim Congress 353 3.1% 0
  Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna 164 1.44% 0
Independent 1 11 0.10% 0
Independent 2 2 0.06% 0
Valid Votes 11,403 100.00% 10
Rejected Votes 289
Total Polled 11,692
Registered Electors 15,694
Turnout 74.45%

The following candidates were elected: Mohomad Husein Hajiyar Muhammad; Arindra Sanath Kumara Pelaketiyage; Thakshila Damayanthi Kaluhennedige; Awarikara Galappatthige Chanaka Dilruk; Muhammadu Ibrahim Muhammadu Nisar; Dodanduwa Lebunahewage Titus Pemanath; Oliver Perera Wickramasingha; Ediriweera Pathmasiri; Mohammad Lafir Muhammad Siyam; and Loronsu Hewa Wellekankanamge Chamila Pushpa Kumara.

Mohomad Husein Hajiyar Muhammad and Arindra Sanath Kumara Pelaketiyage were appointed Chairman and Deputy Chairman respectively.[4]


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