Yoshitaka Shindō

Yoshitaka Shindō
新藤 義孝
Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications
In office
26 December 2012  3 September 2014
Prime Minister Shinzō Abe
Preceded by Shinji Tarutoko
Succeeded by Sanae Takaichi
Personal details
Born (1958-01-20) 20 January 1958
Kawaguchi, Japan
Political party Liberal Democratic Party
Alma mater Meiji University
Website Website

Yoshitaka Shindō (新藤 義孝 Shindō Yoshitaka, born 20 January 1958) is a Japanese politician of the Liberal Democratic Party, a member of the House of Representatives in the Diet (national legislature).

Affiliated to the openly revisionist lobby Nippon Kaigi,[1][2] Shindo is known for his committed stance on territorial disputes with neighboring countries of Japan,[3] and his recurring visits to the controversial Yasukuni shrine.[4][5]

Early life and education

A native of Kawaguchi, Saitama, Shindo was born on 20 January 1958.[6] His mother, Takako Shindō was a daughter of Tadamichi Kuribayashi, a general of the Imperial Japanese Army.[7] He studied literature at Meiji University and graduated in 1981.[7]


Shindo had worked in the city government of Kawaguchi since 1980 and had served in the assembly of Kawaguchi since 1991. He joined the Liberal Democratic Party and part of the Nukaga faction.[8] He was elected to the House of Representatives for the first time in 1996. In 2002, He was appointed parliamentary secretary for foreign affairs.[9]

He lost his seat in 2003, but was re-elected in 2005 from the Saitama Prefecture District 2.[6] Shindo was named as the vice minister of trade in 2006.[7] In the general elections on 16 December 2012, he was again elected from the Saitama Prefecture District 2.[6] He was appointed minister of internal affairs and communications in the cabinet of Shinzō Abe on 26 December 2012.[10]

Shindo is head of a kindergarten in his hometown.[8]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Shinji Tarutoko
Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications
Succeeded by
Sanae Takaichi

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