1979 Copa Libertadores Finals

1979 Copa Libertadores Finals
Event 1979 Copa Libertadores de América
Olimpia won 3-1 on points.
First Leg
Date July 22, 1979
Venue Estadio Defensores del Chaco, Asunción
Referee Gastón Castro (Chile)
Second Leg
Date July 27, 1979
Venue Estadio Alberto J. Armando, Buenos Aires
Referee Juan Daniel Cardellino (Uruguay)

The 1979 Copa Libertadores Finals was the final two-legged tie to determine the 1979 Copa Libertadores champion. It was contested by club Boca Juniors and club Olimpia. The first leg of the tie was played on July 22 at Olimpia' home field, with the second leg played on July 27 at Boca Juniors'. It was Olimpia 2nd Copa Libertadores finals and 4th finals for Boca Juniors.

Olimpia won the series after winning the first leg tie 2-0 at Asunción's Estadio Defensores del Chaco, and tying the second leg tie 0-0 at Buenos Aires's Estadio Alberto J. Armando and accumulated more points than their opponent.

Qualified teams

Team Previous finals appearances (bold indicates winners)
Paraguay Olimpia 1960
Argentina Boca Juniors 1963, 1977, 1978


The finals will be played over two legs; home and away. The team that accumulates the most points —two for a win, one for a draw, zero for a loss— after the two legs will be crowned the champion. If the two teams are tied on points after the second leg, a playoff in a neutral venue will become the next tie-breaker. Goal difference is going to be used as a last resort.


First leg

July 22, 1979
Olimpia Paraguay 2 – 0 Argentina Boca Juniors
Aquino  2'
Piazza  27'
Estadio Defensores del Chaco, Asunción
Attendance: 50,000
Referee: Castro (Chile)
Boca Juniors
GK Paraguay Almeida
DF Paraguay Jimenez
DF Paraguay Solalinde
DF Uruguay Piazza
DF Paraguay Villalba
MF Paraguay Kiese
MF Paraguay Torres
MF Paraguay Paredes
FW Paraguay Aquino
FW Paraguay Talavera
FW Paraguay Isasi
Uruguay Luis Alberto Cubilla

Man of the Match:

Assistant Referees:

GK Argentina Gatti
DF Argentina Pernía
DF Argentina Capurro
DF Argentina Mouzo
DF Argentina Bordón
MF Argentina Benítez
MF Argentina Suñé
MF Argentina Salinas
FW Argentina Mastrangelo
FW Argentina Salguero
FW Argentina Rocha
MF Argentina Palacios
Argentina Juan Carlos Lorenzo

Second leg

Boca Juniors
GK Argentina Hugo Gatti
DF Argentina Vicente Pernía
DF Argentina Francisco Sá
DF Argentina Capurro
DF Argentina Miguel Bordón
MF Argentina Jorge Benítez Red card 69'
MF Argentina Rubén Suñé Red card 2'
MF Argentina Mario Zanabria
FW Uruguay Ernesto Mastrángelo
FW Argentina Carlos Salinas
FW Argentina Juan Ramón Rocha
FW Argentina Carlos Salguero
MF Argentina José A. Palacios
Argentina Juan Carlos Lorenzo

Man of the Match:

Assistant Referees:

GK Paraguay Ever Almeida
DF Paraguay Jimenez
DF Paraguay Alicio Solalinde
DF Uruguay Miguel A. Piazza
DF Paraguay Enrique Villalba
MF Paraguay Carlos Kiese Red card 69'
MF Paraguay Luis Torres
MF Paraguay Roberto Paredes Red card 2'
FW Paraguay Osvaldo Aquino
FW Paraguay Hugo Talavera
FW Paraguay Evaristo Isasi
MF Paraguay Jorge Guasch
DF Paraguay Rogelio Delgado
Uruguay Luis Alberto Cubilla


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