Uruguayan Football Association

Uruguayan Football Association
Founded March 30, 1900 (1900-03-30) [1]
Headquarters Montevideo
FIFA affiliation 1923
CONMEBOL affiliation 1916
President Wilmar Valdez
Website auf.org.uy

The Uruguayan Football Association (Spanish: Asociación Uruguaya de FútbolAUF) is the governing body of football in Uruguay. It was founded in 1900 and affiliated to FIFA in 1923. It is a founding member of CONMEBOL and is in charge of the Uruguay national football team and the Campeonato Uruguayo de Fútbol, including the Uruguayan Primera División.


Chronological list of A.U.F. presidents[2]

Periodo Nombre
1900Pedro Charter
1901William Poole
1902Carlos Rowland
1903 - 1904Jorge Clulow
1905Félix Ortiz de Taranco
1906Jorge Clulow
1907- 1912Héctor Rivadavia Gómez
1913 - 1914Dr. Abelardo Véscovi
1915 - 1918Dr. Juan Blengio Rocca
1919Dr. Ángel Colombo
1920 - 1921León Peyrou
1922 - 1923Dr. José M. Reyes Lerena
1924 - 1925Atilio Narancio
1926Héctor Rivadavia Gómez
1927 - 1930Dr. Raúl Jude
1931César Batlle Pacheco
1932 - 1933Dr. Mario Ponce De León
1934 - 1937Dr. Raúl Jude
1938 - 1939Aníbal Garderes
1940 - 1941Esc. Héctor Gerona
1942Dr. Cyro Geanbruno
1943 - 1952César Batlle Pacheco
1953 - 1956Arq. Miguel Ángel Cattaneo
1957 - 1960Fermín Sorhueta
1961 - 1963Gral. Omar Porcincula
1964Américo Gil
1965 - 1966Brigadier Conrado Sáez
1967 - 1969Julio Lacarte Muro
1970 - 1972Américo Gil
1973Fermín Sorhueta
1974 - 1976Ing. Héctor Del Campo
1976Dr. Carlos Keralto
1977 - 1978Cr. Mario Garbarino
1978 - 1980Yamandu Flangini
1981 - 1982Cnel (R.) Matías Vázquez
1983 - 1986Cnel (R.) Héctor Joanicó
1986Miguel Volonterio
1987Dr. Donato Griecco
1988 - 1989Ing. Julio C. Franzini
1989 - 1990Dr. Julio César Maglione
1991 - 1993Dr. Hugo Batalla
1994 - 1996Carlos Maresca
1997 - 2006Eugenio Figueredo
2006 - 2008Dr. José Luis Corbo
2008 - 2009Washington Rivero
2009 - 2014Dr. Sebastián Bauzá
2014 - Wilmar Valdez

Men's football

The AUF organizes the national football tournament, about two professional divisions championship (First Division and Second Division), and the third category (Amateur Second Division), involving amateur teams from Montevideo metropolitan area. For amateur clubs from the rest of the country is the Interior Football Organization (OFI), federation affiliated to the AUF, but independently.

Women's football

In Women's football the AUF established the Uruguayan Championship which takes place eacha year since 1997. In conjunction with the OFI organized a national tournament called National Tournament of Women's Football which there were only two editions (2001 and 2003).


Also annually develops the Uruguayan League of First Division, U-20 and other futsal tournaments. The AUF is one of the two entities that regulates futsal, the other is the Uruguayan Federation of Indoor Football.

Beach soccer

There is a beach soccer league played in the summer. In the 2010 edition participated 10 teams.


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