1996 Libertarian National Convention

1996 Libertarian National Convention
1996 presidential election

Browne and Jorgensen
Date(s) July 5–8, 1996
City Washington, DC
Presidential nominee Harry Browne of Tennessee
Vice Presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen of South Carolina

The 1996 Libertarian National Convention was held in at the Hyatt Regency-Capitol Hill Hotel in Washington, DC, during the first weekend in July. Harry Browne was chosen as the party's presidential nominee for President of the United States in the 1996 election.

"Declare your Independence" was the theme of the convention.

Libertarians hold a national convention, every two years to vote on party bylaws, platform and resolutions and elect national party officers and a judicial committee. Every four years it nominates presidential and vice presidential candidates.[1]

Voting for presidential nomination

First ballot

Harry Browne was elected on the first ballot, gathering a majority of the voting delegates, securing nomination.[2]

1996 Libertarian Party National Convention total vote count: Round 1
Candidate Total votes cast Percent of votes cast
Harry Browne 416 69.10%
Rick Tompkins 74 12.29%
None of the Above 60 9.97%
Irwin Schiff 32 5.28%
Doug Ohmen 20 3.32%
Color key: 1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place 5th place

Voting for vice presidential nomination

The convention voted to suspend the rules and allow a voice vote for the vice presidential nomination. After an initial voice vote led to a roll-call vote, Jo Jorgensen easily defeated None of the Above.[3]

Voice vote

1996 Libertarian vice presidential nomination
Candidate Total votes cast Percent of votes cast
Jo Jorgensen 459 92.72%
None of the Above 36 7.27%
Color key: 1st place 2nd place


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