Ayşe Sultan (daughter of Murad III)

Ayse Sultan
Ottoman Princess
Born 1570
Manisa, Ottoman Empire
Died 15 May 1605
Constantinople, Ottoman Empire
Dynasty House of Osman
Father Murad III
Mother Safiye Sultan
Religion Sunni Islam

Ayşe Sultan (c. 1570 in Manisa 15 May 1605) was an Ottoman princess, daughter of Sultan Murad III and his favourite consort Safiye Sultan. She was the sister of Sultan Mehmed III. She was the Mother of Sultanzade Mehmed Pasha.


On 20 May 1586, she was married to Damat Ibrahim Pasha who, thanks to his marriage, held three times the post of Grand Vezir. After the death of the pasha Ayşe Sultan was wed to Damat Yemişçi Hasan Pasha on 5 April 1602, but he was executed a year later. On 29 June 1604, the sultan’s daughter married Güzelce Mahmud Pasha (d.April 1605) and died two years later. Ayşe Sultan was famous for her charity. In her testament she gave the following instructions for her inheritance: her slaves and slavegirls were to be manumitted unconditionally; 10,000 akçes were bequeathed to cover the cash debts of people detained in prison for debts of up to 500 akçes; 2,000 akçes were for the poor, sick and orphans, and the remainder – for the poor in the Holy Cities of Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. A certain amount of money was allocated to pay the ransom for Muslim women taken in captivity. She died in Istanbul on 15 May 1605.


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