Bushong language

Native to Democratic Republic of the Congo
Region Kasai Oriental Province
Native speakers
160,000, incl. Shuwa (2000)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 buf
Glottolog bush1247[2]

Bushong (Bushoong) is a Bantu language of the Kasai region of Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was the language of the Kuba Kingdom.

Alternative names are Bushongo, Busoong, Shongo, Ganga, Kuba, Mbale, Bamongo, Mongo.

Dialects are said to be Djembe, Ngende, Ngombe (Ngombia), Ngongo, Pianga (Panga, Tsobwa, Shobwa, Shoba). Pianga (Shuwa) is a distinct language, in the Tetela group.

The Bushong have a patron–client relationship with the Kasai Twa.


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