Caribbean Democrat Union

The Caribbean Democrat Union is an alliance of centre-right political parties in the Caribbean. It is affiliated to the global International Democrat Union.

Member parties

Country Party Abbr Color Upper house legislative seats Lower house legislative seats Status
 Anguilla Anguilla National Alliance ANA Blue Unicameral legislature only
2 / 7
In government coalition
 Aruba Real Democracy DR Blue Unicameral legislature only
1 / 21
In opposition
 Belize United Democratic Party UDP Red
6 / 12
18 / 31
In government
 Dominica Dominica Freedom Party DFP Green Unicameral legislature only
0 / 21
Extra-parliamentary opposition
 Grenada New National Party NNP Green Unicameral legislature only
15 / 15
In government
 Jamaica Jamaica Labour Party JLP Green
13 / 21
32 / 63
In government
 Montserrat New People's Liberation Movement NPLM Blue Unicameral legislature only
0 / 9
Extra-parliamentary opposition
 Saint Kitts and Nevis People's Action Movement PAM Gold Unicameral legislature only
4 / 11
In government coalition
 Saint Lucia United Workers Party UWP Yellow Unicameral legislature only
11 / 17
In government
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines New Democratic Party NDP Yellow Unicameral legislature only
7 / 15
In opposition

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