Crackers (2011 film)

Crackers – 3D

First Look
Directed by Anil Goyal
Produced by Anil Goyal
Written by Priyank Dubey
Music by Dilip Sen
Distributed by RTM Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Release dates
  • 20 May 2011 (2011-05-20)
Language Hindi

Crackers is a Hindi stereoscopic 3D animation film directed by Anil Goyal, and written by Priyank Dubey. It is produced under the 'RTM Technologies Pvt Ltd' banner, and music cassettes were sold to FilmyBox Music Company. Its one of India's first stereo-scopic 3D animation film, after Haunted - 3D. The dubbing has been dubbed by Nikhil Dwivedi for the voice of "Gopu", Smilie Suri for the voice of "Kate", and Siraj Khan voicing over "Bolly". In early 2011, it was announced, that after the film's release, it also be dubbed in other languages such as English and Tamil, this has also been taken care of, as the film is a straight-to-DVD release, which on the original DVD will include the Original Dubbed' Versions.


The Story of Crackers is about today's youth and how they can fight evil in life. The Director has tried to create a role model from the zealous youngsters of today, that can and should stand up to evil.

The first half of the movie is full of fun, comedy and romance on a college campus, where a youth festival is in full swing. The second half deals with a terror attack on the campus and how the youth channelizes their energy to counter and foil the attack. The movie revolves around four characters - Roxy, (Anil Goyal), Gopu (Nikhil Dwivedi) and Kate (Smilie Suri) along with some comic character from the film industry (Siraj Khan) to create the fun in the movie.

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