Ramayana: The Epic

This article is about a 2010 Indian animated feature. For a similar film from 1992, see Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama.
Ramayana: The Epic
Directed by Chetan Desai[1][2]
Produced by Ketan Mehta[3]
Deepa Sahi[4]
Niraj Bhukanwala[4]
Written by Story:
Rituraj Ramendra Tripathi[4]
Chetan Desai[4]
Starring Manoj Bajpayee[1]
Juhi Chawla[1]
Ashutosh Rana[1]
Mukesh Rishi[5]
Music by Shaarang Dev Pandit[4]
Cinematography Chetan Desai[4]
Edited by Sayed Sher Abbas[4]
Maya Digital Media[1]
Distributed by Warner Bros. India[1]
Release dates
  • 15 October 2010 (2010-10-15)
Running time
98 minutes[6]
Country India
Language Hindi
Box office Rs. 1.45 crores

Ramayana: The Epic is a 2010 computer-animated film[2] from India's Maya Digital Media.[1] Directed by Chetan Desai[1][2] and produced by Ketan Mehta,[3] it was released by Warner Bros. India on 15 October 2010.[1]


The film is a retelling of the story of Lord Rama, from his birth until his battle with Ravan at Sri Lanka.[6][6]


Name Character Source
Manoj Bajpayee Ram [6]
Juhi Chawla Sita [6]
Ashutosh Rana Ravan [6]
Mukesh Rishi Hanuman [5]


"The Ramayana holds appeal even today, thousands of years after it is said to have been written. It is impossible to translate the grandeur and the setting of this epic in live action. Hence, animation is the only way to retell it in all its glory."

Ketan Mehta, producer[7]

Ramayana is the directorial debut of Chetan Desai,[2] the chairman and managing director of Maya Digital Media.[1] More than 400 crewmembers worked on the film over a five-year period;[6] the first three years were spent designing the characters, while the other two were devoted to actual production.[5]


In September 2010, Warner Bros. India acquired the rights to Ramayana: The Epic.[1][2][8] This has made it India's second animated feature to be released by the local arm of a Hollywood studio, following Disney and Yash Raj's Roadside Romeo from 2008.[1]

The film was released on 15 October 2010, during the festivity of Dussehra.[2] 250 prints[9] were screened in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu versions;[1][8] English, Gujarati and Bengali versions have also been prepared.[7] A North American release is scheduled for early 2011.[9] Four days after its debut, Joginder Mahajan of Delhi expressed concern over the low box-office take.[10]


Reporting for the Twitch Film site, Josh Hurtado said, "While the animation of this project may look crude to [Western] eyes based upon the trailer, it is still miles beyond anything we've seen India create in this department so far."[8] Upon release, Indian Express gave it three stars out of five and commented that the animation was above par for the Indian animation industry, but singled out the Sanskrit dialogue.[11] The Times of India also praised the animation, adding that "the special effects ... sizzle and crackle".[12] Anupama Chopra of NDTV Movies gave it a mixed review, calling it a "faithful but dreary retelling". She came to the conclusion that "Ramayana is an ambitious step toward better homegrown cinema for children. I just wish it had more crackle."[13]

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