Empress's Cup

Empress's Cup
Founded 1979 (1979)
Region Japan
Number of teams 36
Current champions NTV Beleza (11th title)
Most successful club(s) NTV Beleza (11 titles)
Television broadcasters NHK
Website JFA
2015 Empress's Cup

The Empress's Cup All-Japan Women's Soccer Championship Tournament (皇后杯全日本女子サッカー選手権大会 Kōgōhai Zen Nippon Joshi Sakkaa Senshuken Taikai), or The Empress's Cup in short, is a Japanese Women's football competition. As an elimination tournament, it can be considered the female counterpart to the men's Emperor's Cup. The name "Empress's Cup" is used since 2012 season as the Empress's Cup trophy was founded in that year.[1]

From 2004 to 2011 season (New Year's Day of 2005 to 2012), the final was played on New Year's Day at the National Olympic Stadium in Tokyo before Emperor's Cup final, and is regarded as the traditional closing match of the season. Since 2012, the final will be played separately from the Emperor's Cup final.[2]

Past winners

Past winners are:[3]

Year Winner Result Runners-up
1979 F.C. Jinnan 2-1 Takatsuki F.C. Ladies
1980 Shimizu Dai-hachi S.C. 2-0 F.C. Jinnan
1981 Shimizu Dai-hachi S.C. 6-0 F.C. PAF
1982 Shimizu Dai-hachi S.C. 6-0 F.C. Jinnan
1983 Shimizu Dai-hachi S.C. 2-0 Takatsuki F.C. Ladies
1984 Shimizu Dai-hachi S.C. 4-0 Takatsuki F.C. Ladies
1985 Shimizu Dai-hachi S.C. 5-1 Takatsuki F.C. Ladies
1986 Shimizu Dai-hachi S.C. 1-0 Yomiuri S.C. Ladies Beleza
1987 Yomiuri S.C. Ladies Beleza 2-0 Shimizu Dai-hachi S.C.
1988 Yomiuri S.C. Ladies Beleza 2-0 Takatsuki F.C. Ladies
1989 Takatsuki F.C. Ladies 1-0 Shimizu F.C. Ladies
1990 Nikko Securities Dream Ladies 3-3 (4-1 pen) Suzuyo Shimizu F.C. Lovely Ladies
1991 Suzuyo Shimizu F.C. Lovely Ladies 0-0 (3-1 pen) Yomiuri S.C. Ladies Beleza
1992 Nikko Securities Dream Ladies 1-0 Yomiuri S.C. Ladies Beleza
1993 Yomiuri S.C. Ladies Beleza 2-0 Prima Ham F.C. Kunoichi
1994 Prima Ham F.C. Kunoichi 4-1 Nikko Securities Dream Ladies
1995 Fujita Soccer Club Mercury 3-2 Yomiuri-Seiyu Beleza
1996 Nikko Securities Dream Ladies 3-0 Yomiuri-Seiyu Beleza
1997 Yomiuri-Seiyu Beleza 1-0 Prima Ham F.C. Kunoichi
1998 Prima Ham F.C. Kunoichi 1-0 Nikko Securities Dream Ladies
1999 Tasaki Perule F.C. 0-0 (4-2 pen) Prima Ham F.C. Kunoichi
2000 NTV Beleza 2-1 Tasaki Perule F.C.
2001 Iga F.C. Kunoichi 2-1 a.e.t. Tasaki Perule F.C.
2002 Tasaki Perule F.C. 1-0 NTV Beleza
2003 Tasaki Perule F.C. 2-2 (5-3 pen) NTV Beleza
2004 NTV Beleza 3-1 Saitama Reinas F.C.
2005 NTV Beleza 4-1 Tasaki Perule F.C.
2006 Tasaki Perule F.C. 2-0 Okayama Yunogo Belle
2007 NTV Beleza 2-0 Tasaki Perule F.C.
2008 NTV Beleza 4-1 INAC Leonessa
2009 NTV Beleza 2-0 Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies
2010 INAC Kobe Leonessa 1-1 (3-2 pen) Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies
2011 INAC Kobe Leonessa 3-0 Albirex Niigata Ladies
2012 INAC Kobe Leonessa 1-0 JEF United Ichihara Chiba Ladies
2013 INAC Kobe Leonessa 2-2 (4-3 pen) Albirex Niigata Ladies
2014 NTV Beleza 1-0 Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies
2015 INAC Kobe Leonessa 1-0 Albirex Niigata Ladies

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