Not to be confused with F-League.
Country Japan
Confederation AFC (Asia)
Founded 2007; 9 years ago
Number of teams 12
Level on pyramid 1
Domestic cup(s) All Japan Futsal Championship
F.League Ocean Cup
International cup(s) AFC Futsal Club Championship
Current champions Nagoya Oceans
Most championships Nagoya Oceans (9 titles)
Website http://www.fleague.jp/
2016 F.League

The F. League (in Japanese: "F・リーグ", Officially "日本フットサルリーグ",Nihon Futtosaru Rīgu) is the top league for Futsal in Japan. The winning team obtains the participation right to the AFC Futsal Club Championship.[1]


The league was formed in 2007 as a complement for the elimination tournament, (the current Puma Cup) which groups regional futsal champions into a final elimination phase.[2]

The league operates on the sports franchise system, with no promotion or relegation of clubs. The clubs are thus expansion teams. In 2009 the number of clubs was increased from 8 to 10 with the addition of Fuchu Athletic and Espolada Hokkaido.

In F. League play, the clubs battle each other three times: once at home, once away and once in a neutral venue (generally Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo). The season runs from August to February.

An elimination league cup, the Ocean Cup is played every season by the 12 F.League teams.


Teams playing the F.League 2015–16 season.


SeasonsWinnerRunner-upThird place
2007–08Nagoya OceansBardral UrayasuDeução Kobe
2008–09Nagoya OceansBardral UrayasuDeução Kobe
2009–10Nagoya OceansPescadola MachidaShriker Osaka
2010–11Nagoya OceansDeução KobeVasagey Oita
2011–12Nagoya OceansShriker OsakaDeução Kobe
2012–13Nagoya OceansShriker OsakaFuchu Athletic
2013–14Nagoya OceansShriker OsakaVasagey Oita
2014-15Nagoya OceansShriker OsakaBardral Urayasu
2015-16Nagoya OceansFuchu AthleticShriker Osaka

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