Intha dialect

Region Inle Lake
Ethnicity Intha
Native speakers
90,000 (2000)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 int
Glottolog inth1238[2]

The Intha dialect of Burmese is spoken by the Intha people, a group of Bamar descendants who migrated to Inle Lake in Shan State. The dialect is spoken by 90,000.[3] The Intha dialect is characterized by a retention of the /-l-/ medial (for the following consonant clusters: /kl- kʰl- pl- pʰl- ml- hml-/). Examples include:

There is no voicing with the presence of either aspirated or unaspirated consonants. For instance, ဗုဒ္ဓ (Buddha) is pronounced [boʊʔda̰] in standard Burmese, but [poʊʔtʰa̰] in the Intha dialect. This is probably due to influence from the Shan language.

Furthermore, (/θ/ in standard Burmese) has merged to /sʰ/ () in the Intha dialect.


Rhyme correspondences to standard Burmese follow these patterns:[4]

Written Burmese Standard Burmese Intha dialect Notes
-ျင် -င် /-ɪɴ/ /-ɛɴ/
-ဉ် /-ɪɴ/ /-ɪɴ/
ိမ် -ိန် ိုင် /-eɪɴ -eɪɴ -aɪɴ/ /-eɪɴ/
-ျက် -က် /-jɛʔ -ɛʔ/ /-aʔ/
-တ် -ပ် /-aʔ/ /-ɛʔ/
-ည် /--ɛ, -e, -i/ /-e/ /-i/ if initial is a palatal consonant
ိတ် ိပ် ိုက် /-eɪʔ -eɪʔ -aɪʔ/ /-aɪʔ/
Open syllables weak = ə
full = i, e, ɛ, a, ɔ, o, u
Closed nasal = ɪɴ, eɪɴ, ɛɴ, aɴ, ɔɴ, oʊɴ, ʊɴ
stop = ɪʔ, aɪʔ, ɛʔ, aʔ, ɔʔ, oʊʔ, ʊʔ


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