Jayaweera Astana of Kandy

Jayaweera Astanaa
King of Kandy
Reign 1511-1551
Predecessor Sena Sammatha Wickramabahu
Successor Karaliyadde Bandara
Issue Karaliyadde Bandara
House House of Siri Sanga Bo
Father Sena Sammatha Wickramabahu

Jayaweera Astana was King of Kandy in the sixteenth century, who ruled from 1511 to 1551. He succeeded his father Sena Sammatha Wickramabahu as king of Kandy and was succeeded by his son Karaliyadde Bandara.

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    Jayaweera Astana of Kandy
    Born: ? ? Died: ? ?
    Regnal titles
    Preceded by
    Sena Sammatha Wickramabahu
    King of Kandy
    Succeeded by
    Karaliyadde Bandara

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