Laâyoune Province

Water reservoir at the Seguiet-el-Hamra River

Laâyoune (Arabic:إقليم العيون) is delineated a province in the north-west of Moroccan economic region of Laâyoune-Sakia El Hamra, which is situated within the northern part of the disputed territory of Western Sahara. Its population in 2004 was 210,023 (when it still included the population of the new Tarfaya Province, created in 2009). In today's limits of the province the population was 199,603.[1] Its main town is El Aaiún (Laâyoune).[2]


The province is divided administratively into the following:[3]

Name Geographic code Type Households Population (2004) Foreign population Moroccan population Notes
El Marsa 321.01.01. Municipality 2850 10229 11 10218
El Aaiún 321.01.03. Municipality 37545 183691 477 183214
Bou Craa 321.03.01. Rural commune 505 2519 0 2519
Dcheira 321.03.03. Rural commune 313 1745 1 1744
Foum El Oued 321.03.05. Rural commune 325 1419 14 1405

Since 2009, the following communes have been separated into the Tarfaya Province: The municipality of Tarfaya, and the rural communes of El Hagounia, Akhfenir, Daoura, and Tah.[4]


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Coordinates: 27°09′24″N 13°12′13″W / 27.156539°N 13.203592°W / 27.156539; -13.203592

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