List of The New Detectives episodes

This is an episode listing for the Discovery Channel Television show The New Detectives, with the episodes' original air date included, if available.

Series overview

Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
1 3 June 10, 1996 June 12, 1996
2 13 April 22, 1997 July 15, 1997
3 10 December 2, 1997 February 10, 1998
4 15 November 24, 1998 May 18, 1999
5 13 October 5, 1999 April 4, 2000
6 13 October 10, 2000 September 11, 2001
7 18 September 18, 2001 September 24, 2002
8 18 October 15, 2002 January 3, 2004
9 18 October 28, 2003 October 31, 2004


Season 1 (1996)

No. Overall No. Per Season Title US airdate
11"Soldier Stories"June 10, 1996
Forensic experts work to tell the mysteries of young men who went to war and never came back.
22"Dead Men Do Talk"June 11, 1996
Forensic scientists use procedures to solve murder mysteries in minutes or centuries after they happen. Examines the murder of Danny Webster and attempts to identify the remains of a woman found in Virginia, the Fairfax County Jane Doe.
33"Deadly Chemistry"June 12, 1996
Cases where deadly poison/chemistry is used to murder, is examined and solved by forensic scientists.

Season 2 (1997)

No. Overall No. Per Season Title US airdate
41"Mind Hunters"April 22, 1997
Murder cases involving Psychological profiling are examined. Including the crime sprees of Richard Chase, Mike DeBardeleben, and John Wayne Gacy.
52"Camera Clues"April 29, 1997
Murder cases involving Forensic photography are examined.
63"Double Helix"May 6, 1997
Murder cases involving DNA analysis are examined. Examines the murders of Lynn Breeden and Peggy Laughlin and the use of DNA to exonerate the wrongly convicted.
74"Web of Clues"May 13, 1997
Murder cases where Forensic entomology is used to solve murder cases, are examined. Examines the murders of Roxanne Tandal and Michelle Denise Anderson and the mysterious deaths of three elderly people in an Indianapolis home.
85"Faces of Tragedy"May 20, 1997
Murder cases where forensic sculpting is used to construct faces of murder victims, whose faces are unrecognizable. Includes the murder of Belinda Tillery, the search for mass murderer John List, and describes techniques used to construct a portrait of a victim from a skull and show aging of a person from a known photograph.
96"Without a Trace"May 27, 1997
Missing person cases are examined. Includes the murders of Rebecca Forbes and Bunchee Nyhuis and the return of 3 children to their mother after being kidnapped by their father.
107"Burning Evidence"June 3, 1997
Murder cases involving identifying burnt remains of murder victims. Examines the murders of Marilyn Garland, James Grizzle, and the disappearance of two journalists in Guatemala determined to be murder.
118"Short Fuse"June 10, 1997
Murder/bombing cases involving mailed packages, are examined.
129"Death Grip"June 17, 1997
Murder cases involving fingerprint analysis, are examined. Examines the murders committed by Bryan Maurice Jones and the murders of Thora Rose and Glenn Michelson.
1310"Signed in Blood"June 24, 1997
Murder cases where handwriting is analyzed to link a suspect to a murder, are examined.
1411"Witness to Terror"July 1, 1997
Aviation accidents and incidents are examined, centering around information retrieved from Flight data recorder and Cockpit voice recorder boxes. Examines the crashes of American Eagle Flight 4184 and Skylink Flight 70.
1512"Trial of the Century"July 8, 1997
The OJ Simpson murder/trial is examined.
1613"Deadly Target"July 15, 1997
Ballistics is used to solve murder cases. Examines the manslaughter of an elderly man at a July 4 picnic, the murder of Fred Hampton, and a New Orleans drive-by shooting that killed a 12-year-old boy.

Season 3 (1997–98)

No. Overall No. Per Season Title US airdate
171"Fatal Compulsion"December 2, 1997
Psychology is used to determine motives of serial killers. Includes serial killers Ted Bundy, Paul Bernardo, and Aileen Wuornos.
182"Bodies of Evidence"December 9, 1997
Forensic scientists attempt to build a murder case without a body. Examines the murders of Helle Crafts, Ava Marie DeHart, and Eric Humbert.
193"Shreds of Evidence"December 16, 1997
Murder cases are built by forensic scientists examining strands of hair and fibers.
204"Seeds of Destruction"December 30, 1997
Forensic botany and geology is examined.
215"Lethal Dosage"January 6, 1998
Toxicologists examine poison related murder cases. Includes the murders committed by Judy Buenoano, the death of Gloria Ramirez, and the murder of Peggy Carr.
226"Tools of Death"January 13, 1998
Forensic scientists examine tools used in murders.
237"Out of Grave"December 14, 2005
New forensic techniques are used to solve old murder cases.
248"Infallible Witness"January 27, 1998
Forensic scientists use new high-tech technology to solve murder cases. Includes the murder of Dawn Fehring, the double murder committed by Archie Woods, and the examination of brain fingerprinting as a future forensic tool.
259"From the Ashes"February 3, 1998
Arson murder cases are examined.
2610"Living in Terror"February 10, 1998
Terrorism is examined.

Season 4 (1998–99)

No. Overall No. Per Season Title US airdate
271"Lethal Obsession"November 24, 1998
Murder cases surrounded by troubled relationships are examined. Examines the Murder of Linda Sobek, murder spree of Randall Woodfield, and the double murder committed by Jens Söring.
282"Traces of Guilt"November 17, 1998
Murder cases are solved by examining tiny particles. Examines the murders committed by David Middleton and the murders of Bunchee Nyhuis and Jeffrey Russell.
293"Electronic Witness"December 29, 1998
Murder cases are solved using technology. Examines the triple homicide committed by Oba Chandler and the murders of Lori Auker and Julie Snodgrass.
304"Dead Wrong"December 8, 1998
Murder cases where no body is present are examined. Examines the quadruple homicide committed by Earl Bramblett, the Murder of Stefanie Rabinowitz, and the Death of Pam Mintz
315"Lasting Impressions"December 1, 1998
Murder cases where traces of evidence left behind by the killer is used to solver crimes, are examined.
326"Women Who Kill"January 26, 1999
Murder cases where women are the culprits, are examined. Includes the crimes committed by Barbara Stager, Blanche Taylor Moore and Sylvia White.
337"Deadly Dealings"December 15, 1998
Murder cases where people are hired to kill, are examined. Includes the Murders of Gerald and Vera Woodman.
348"Body Count"December 22, 1998
Serial killing cases are examined. Examines the Hillside Strangler murders, as well as the murders committed by the Trailside Killer and Larry Eyler.
359"A Taste of Poison"February 2, 1999
Murder cases where the victims are poisoned to death, are examined.
3610"Grave Discoveries"March 23, 1999
Forensic scientists reevaluate the unsolved cases of Sam Sheppard, Martin Frias and Walter Scott by applying new methods to solve them.
3711"Texas Rangers"March 30, 1999
Murder cases solved by the Texas Rangers, are examined.
3812"Bad Medicine"April 6, 1999
Drug trafficking is examined.
3913"Unlikely Sources"April 13, 1999
Murder cases are solved by evidence that is of the least expected. Examines the murders of Virginia Russell, Hye-Yon Smith, and Janet Overton.
4014"True Crime"April 27, 1999
First hand accounts of murder are pieced together by journalists, law enforcement, and crime writers.
4115"Coroner's Casebook"May 18, 1999
Cyril Wecht and Henry Lee, two of the country's most respected coroners, share their cases and insights into crime solving.

Season 5 (1999–2000)

No. Overall No. Per Season Title US airdate
421"Remnant of Blame"October 5, 1999
The way forensic scientists use their vision to evaluate small items from crime scenes is examined.
432"Partners in Crime"December 26, 1999
Murder cases involving partnered suspects are examined.
443"Scattered Clues"October 19, 1999
Murder cases are solved by examining clues left by the perpetrator.
454"Natural Witness"November 2, 1999
Murder cases located in outdoor places are examined.
465"Tainted Trust"November 16, 1999
Poison related murder cases are solved. (The convictions of Audrey Marie Hilley, David Dowler and Georgia Louise Weaver)
476"Presumed Dead"December 14, 1999
Murder cases where no body was found are examined.
487"Broken Vow"December 21, 1999
Murder cases involving people in relationships are examined. 1st case is that of Stephen Vargas, convicted of the murder of his wife, Rebecca.
498"Cold Cases"January 11, 2000
Murder cases that took over a decade long to solve are examined.
509"Family Plots"January 25, 2000
Murder cases involving family members are examined.
5110"Blood Money"February 8, 2000
Murder cases where the suspects are paid for their crime, are examined.
5211"Murder by Numbers"February 15, 2000
Examines murders committed by serial killers Cleophus Prince Jr., Anthony John Sully and William Suff.
5312"Federal Offense"March 28, 2000
Murder cases where the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms is called in to assist, are examined. Includes the arson spree of John Leonard Orr.
5413"Flames of Justice"April 4, 2000
Arson murder cases are examined.

Season 6 (2000–01)

No. Overall No. Per Season Title US airdate
551"False Witness"October 10, 2000
562"Trails of Evidence"October 24, 2000
573"Missing"November 21, 2000
584"In the Line of Fire"November 7, 2000
595"For Love or Money"December 12, 2000
606"Left at the Scene"December 26, 2000
Includes the murders committed by Daniel Conahan, the Murder of Debra Massie, and the murders committed by James Randall
617"Invisible Death"February 1, 2001
Poisoning cases are examined. The first case involved the murder of Robert Curley
628"To Kill Again"February 13, 2001
Serial killers Faryion Wardrip and Dorthea Puente are examined
639"Written in Bone"March 6, 2001
6410"Cold Blooded"April 17, 2001
The rape and murder of Janet Baxter, the ransom kidnapping and murder of Michael Kinney, and the murder of James Bradley Wren are examined.
6511"Fatal Error"May 1, 2001
6612"Dead in the Water"May 22, 2001
6713"Scent of the Kill"September 11, 2001

Season 7 (2001–02)

No. Overall No. Per Season Title US airdate
681"Blood Lust"September 18, 2001
Includes the murder sprees of serial killers Michael Lee Lockhart and Dana Sue Gray.
692"Deadly Aim"August 28, 2001
Includes the murder spree of Cesar Barone and the Murders of John and Lori Rainwater
703"Stolen Identity"September 4, 2001
714"Silent Witness"September 11, 2001
725"Deadly Intentions"September 25, 2001
736"Patterns of Guilt"December 11, 2001
Examines the double murder of Jose Trias and Julie Gilbert* and the murders of Carrie Love by Jesse Pratt in Klamath Falls, Oregon and Susan Bauer*.
747"A Deadly Smile"December 18, 2001
758"Military Justice"January 1, 2002
Murder cases where the Naval Criminal Investigative Service are called in to assist are examined.
769"The Unforgotten"February 19, 2002
7710"Tainted Blood"March 5, 2002
7811"Buried Secrets"February 26, 2002
7912"Proof of Innocence"March 19, 2002
8013"Drawing Conclusions"March 26, 2002
8114"Stranger than Fiction"September 10, 2002
8215"Predators and Parasites"May 21, 2002
8316"In the Camera's Eye"June 11, 2002
8417"Wasted Youth"June 25, 2002
Murders committed by juveniles. Examines the murders of Micah Pollock, the White family, and Brad Hansen.
8518"Collective Justice"September 24, 2002
Cases solved with help from the Vidocq Society are examined.

Season 8 (2002–03)

No. Overall No. Per Season Title US airdate
861"Murder for Hire"October 15, 2002
Examines the murders of Wendy Kratzert and Sheila Bellush.
872"Toxic Death"December 3, 2002
Examines the murders of Stephen Hricko and Kay Sybers.
873"Material Witness"December 10, 2002
Examines the murders of Shirley Duguay, Noreen Boyle, and Alfred Pinegar
894"Betrayed"December 17, 2002
Examines the triple murder by arson case of Robin Lee Row and the Murder of Nick Howard.
905"Elements of Murder"December 24, 2002
Examines the murders of Susan Galloway, Lenora Robinson, and Jennifer McCrady.
916"Random Targets"January 14, 2003
Examines the murder sprees of Mark Cunningham and Timothy Wilson Spencer.
927"Grave Secrets"February 11, 2003
Examines the murders or Jason DeNoyer and Mark Bosom.
938"At Close Range"February 18, 2003
Examines the Murder of Kathleen Martin and of Leo and Mary Donnard
949"Lethal Encounter"March 25, 2003
9510"Crimes of Passion"April 22, 2003
Examines the double murder of Marlin Barnes and Timwanika Lumpkins and the Murder of Ralph Gawor.
9611"Absent Witness"May 13, 2003
Examines the murders of Al Hamilton and June Adkins.
9712"Marked for Death"July 17, 2003
Examines the murder sprees of Richard William Kutzner and Calvin Stallworth.
9813"Fatal Abductions"June 10, 2003
Examines the murders of Natalie Mirabal and Katie Poirier+.
9914"Medical Examiner's Casebook"July 19, 2003
Murder of Cordell Richards: In the Florida Panhandle, a man discovers a killer’s dumping ground. The murder victim, identified as Cordell Richards, was found bounded and duct taped. A metal chain, fragmented bones and tattered clothing discovered at the scene were the only clues to solve this crime.
Murder of Jackie Beard: In Tennessee, 9 year old Jackie Beard disappears in broad daylight. The only clue was provided by Jackie’s mother when she presented a man approaching Jackie and her friends introducing himself as “Tommy Robertson” an undercover police officer.
When killers chose to hide their victims, investigators must rely on forensic examiners to uncover proof of murder. These were two cases that have made their way into the Medical Examiner’s Casebook.
10015"Trial by Fire"August 19, 2003
Examines the murder of Donald Harmacek and a series of arson-murders committed by Michael Kaprat.
10116"Undaunted"July 8, 2003
Examines the Rape of Patricia White and Murder of Mikey Carter.
10217"Forsaken Trust"August 5, 2003
Examines the familicide committed by Robert Meyer and the Murder of Candace Brown.
10318"Coroner Investigation"January 3, 2004
Los Angeles County coroner Julie Wilson explains her job, and the inside of the coroner's office is examined, with the duties of different positions explained, and the procedures for dealing with sudden unexplained deaths described.

Season 9 (2003–04)

No. Overall No. Per Season Title US airdate
1041"Hidden Obsessions"October 28, 2003
Murder convictions of James Lawson and Calvin Parker.
1052"Blind Trust"November 25, 2003
1063"Shattered Vows"January 10, 2004
1074"Fatal Impressions"January 13, 2004
Includes the killing spree of Christian Fuhr and the Murder of Bonnie Horinek.
1085"Misplaced Loyalty"January 17, 2004
Murder conviction of Christine Loyd.
1096"Killing Time"January 29, 2004
1107"Silent Killers"March 13, 2004
Murder convictions of Helen Moore and serial poison killer Sukhwinder Dhillon
1118"Out to Kill"March 16, 2004
Murders of Amy Willard (22) and Christopher Meyer (10)
1129"Raw Greed"March 27, 2004
Edmund Emerick (guilty of killing 2 bar workers and robbery) Sharon Zachary (Guilty of killing her elderly neighbor)
11310"Murderous Attraction"April 10, 2004
11411"Broken Trust"April 24, 2004
11512"Price of Murder"May 8, 2004
11613"Stolen Youth"June 12, 2004
11714"Loved To Death"July 17, 2004
Includes the murders committed by Richard Kutzner and Calvin Stallworth.
11815"Written in Blood"August 14, 2004
The murder of Kathleen Hunt Atwater Peterson by husband Michael Peterson is examined. Also explored is the murder of Susan Avitt (a/k/a Susan Gail Kelly Neer) by her husband Charles.
11916"Critical Evidence"August 28, 2004
12017"Fatal Twist"September 18, 2004
12118"Vanished"October 31, 2004

*A pseudonym for the victim was given in the episode +A pseudonym for the killer was given in the episode


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